What Is an Appointment Card?

An appointment card is a piece of paper that serves as proof of transaction regarding appointment schedules. These kinds of cards are usually utilized in medical facilities, clinics, and offices. Appointment cards help out both medical professionals and patients keep track of their appointment slots, thus avoiding the scenario of missing and forgetting important dates.

How to Create an Appointment Card

If you happen to have created a personal or professional business card, then creating an appointment card will not be an arduous task anymore. You just need to use the right tools and collect the fitting graphic elements to start designing a useful appointment card for your scheduling and timekeeping needs. Refer to the steps below to guide you through the process on how to make an appointment card —here's how:

1. Place Texts First

A standard or typical appointment card size is 3.5 x 2 inches. Appointment cards are small, so you have to be smart in placing the most fitting designs considering the canvas. Place the texts first so that you'll know where to emphasize, adjust, edit, and see fit as you go.

2. Utilize Both Sides of the Card

In order to place more information on the card, it's best to use both sides to achieve functionality and aesthetic. You can place the company or organizational name, emblem, logo, or tagline at the front part and place other details at the back. These details could be as follows; patient/customer name, schedule of appointment, date, and contact details. However, you can always have the freedom to choose your card style, whether its folded, rounded, perforated, among other features.

3. Arrange the Elements

After deciding on the style, aesthetic, and size of the appointment card, you need to extract your creative juices and arrange all the elements. Creativity and functionality should go together to create either a modern, vintage, retro, minimalist or a simple card. Create a compelling and user-friendly layout or outline to promote good customer relations.

4. Use Designs Reflective of Your Brand

Effective brand establishment is achieved through consistent use of the official design aesthetic in all documents, promotional materials, and official merchandise. Customers remember your brand when you know how to communicate it effectively through advertisements and promotions.

The card, as simple as it may be, should still channel and reflect your identity as a reliable company, especially when its a healthcare institution. Establish your brand, even on your printable cards —they are small, but they are mighty.

5. Print and Start Booking Appointments

After you have completed the design, recheck if everything is correct and up to date, especially the addresses and contact numbers. When medical patients or beauty salon clients need to cancel, confirm, or move schedules, the contact information allows keeping in touch with the service providers. Lastly, print the card using high-quality cardstock to keep the material durable and long-lasting.

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