How to Create an Army Organizational Chart in Apple Pages

According to the information found in, the U.S. Armed Forces comprise six army branches, which are the following: Coast guard, Air force, Army, Marine Corps, Navy, and the most recent, Space Force. Know that these six branches are all connected to one another. That's the reason why you need to come up with a chart to help you visualize the connection and the chain of command within and between them. That's is why we decided to create a step-by-step guide for anyone who needs help in producing an army organizational chart. Here's how you'll need to make one:

1. Know your Associates

As mentioned by the, the one responsible for all final decisions in the Army is the current president of the United States. Meanwhile, the secretary of the Department of Defense or DoD has jurisdiction over the army and each division. If you have any of the positions mentioned above, you are the one entrusted to create a list of military organization leaders. For your convenience, we suggest that you identify your associates first and create a draft in which you can list them all down.

2. Categorize by Department

We mentioned earlier that the U.S Armed Forces are consist of six branches. Now that you have the complete list of the leaders of your country's military organizations, it's time for you to recognize their hierarchy or which type of department each of your personnel belongs to. By doing so, it will be much easier for the readers to understand their relationship between each person within the chart and at the same time, each member of the military will know who their respective leaders are. If you want the organizational chart to be more presentable, it is advisable to include a photo of each captain for every department or division.

3. Avail Our Templates

Organizational charts are indeed essential, especially when it comes to brigade combat organization. If you think that you're too occupied with creating a chart from scratch, we recommend you not to look further for we have our high-quality Army Organizational Chart Templates that you can use. Each of our templates already contains pre-existing content, which means all you have to do is to edit and insert the details you have already gathered. Editing is even made easier as our templates are all compatible with any versions of Apple Pages. Whether you're busy or in a hurry, we suggest you download one of our templates today.

4. Spell-check and Publish

Once you are finally done, review your work immediately to see if there are any errors or details you might have missed. It is important to review everything since organizational charts illustrate the infantry division's relationships and the combined arms' chain of command. Remember that even one single error in the chart could result in a catastrophic workflow. When you're done, immediately publish the chart and place it at the most visible area of your base.

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