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What is a Character Letter?

A character letter is a written document that emphasizes some unique qualities and characteristics of an individual. It's also called a character reference letter. You can write this letter when referring a family member or a friend to a company that intends to hire employees.

How to Write a Character Letter?

There are times when we need to give someone a character letter for business or legal purposes. What we write will always help shed light on a person in the middle of a court dispute. It's also a big plus when that person wants to get a job. If you need some tips in writing a character letter, read the following tips listed below.

1. Explain How You Know the Person

Give the information of the person right away. State the name, address, and age of the person if necessary. Write about how you met the person and your instances of interaction with him or her. Give enough background of the person for the reader to understand more.

2. Describe the Person

This part of the letter gives a boost to the person you're writing about. Describe the person in the best way possible. Write about his or her characteristics, how he or she does work, your personal experience with her/him, and the way she/he treats people.

3. Write a Recommendation

This part is easy, especially if you know the person well. Write a simple recommendation for the company and explain why the person fits for the position the company is offering. You can also share a short anecdote to back up your opinion.

4. Keep a Consistent Tone

Your sample letter should have a formal tone from start to the end. Don't forget to put your contact information at the end of the letter to get updates.

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