What Is a Charity Flowchart?

A charity flowchart is a diagram that charities use to help them with workflows. This chart helps an organization to be efficient with their jobs.

How to Create a Charity Flowchart

In the USA, there are 1.5 million registered nonprofit organizations, and part of this number is charities. Speaking of charities, you only don't spread awareness or raise money, but you also have to be organized to perform well. So, we'd like to help you with that through a charity flowchart. Here are the steps for you:

1. Have One Focus

Your basic chart shouldn't have a lot of topics on it. You should set your eyes to only one subject or process. Is it a fundraising grant chart flowchart or a charity donation flowchart? This way, you can focus only on one process to make things quicker for you.

2. Organize the Chart Well

You can start by brainstorming the processes that your chart needs. Make a draft of the steps that you're going to do. Next, finalize the steps and organize them. Make sure that you organize the steps well. Likewise, in finalizing the list, make sure that you limit words in each step. Don't put long sentences. If you did, the sentences will not fit on the symbols and people will take a longer time reading your flowchart.

3. Use the Right Symbols

Symbols are one of the distinct features of a workflow chart. Each symbol represents something. To illustrate, the diamond shape represents making a decision. A box represents a single or subprocess. So, when you make your flowchart, choose the right symbols for each step.

4. Use Legible Typographies

In choosing the right typographies for your printable chart, you have to make sure that you select the legible ones. This way, people can scan the chart. Also, you may choose single typography for all the content of your chart to create consistency.

5. Add Colors

If you want the editable chart to look more engaging, you can colors. As a tip, use the same colors for the same shapes so that people can easily identify them. Don't just pick random colors. You have to make sure that the colors will complement each other. Don't choose the ones that are hard on the eyes.

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