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What Is a Coupon?

Coupons are items that are often used among businesses as a unique form of marketing. Coupons are used to give customers financial discounts to products or services. As a form of promotion, using coupons can boost the sales and popularity of your business.  

How to Make Great Coupons

People make coupons in order to promote their business. When making your coupon, apart from following all the tips we have listed down below, you have to put yourself in the shoes of consumers. Ask yourself: What promos would customers want to partake in? Will this effectively boost up your sales?

1. Create an Aesthetic Design for Your Coupon

The design of a coupon is a very important factor you should put a lot of effort into. Coupons are used for businesses to attract customers. Therefore, the coupons you will create should look well-made and official. When using Microsoft Word, you should be able to utilize the program's available shapes, graphics, and fonts to make a good coupon. 

2. Input Compelling Content

The content of a coupon is its most important component. Your business coupon should contain attractive and worthwhile deals that anybody would have difficulty resisting. You can also include compelling catchphrases and taglines in your coupon to convince people to use it. This includes putting phrases like, "Saver's deals!" or "Great choice!" 

3. Ensure that the Coupons Will Benefit your Business

Making an item available for purchase via coupons involves setting the original retail price to a lower one. In deciding the discounted price for the items, you have to make sure that it isn't set too low that it can cause your business to lose money. Avoid discounting popular items. Discount coupons are often used to urge customers to purchase items that aren't usually bought. 

4. Time the Effective Date of Your Coupons

In holding sales, businesses find the perfect timing to do this. The same is done when handing out coupons. People love going on holiday sales. Thus, a special occasion is often tied to a coupon. For example, coupons are frequently given away to people during summer vacation and the Christmas season. These are days where people have more time to shop and go to stores. 

5. Organize the Layout

Making the layout of a coupon is very important. Apart from making it look easy to read, a well-organized coupon looks good. Organizing and customizing the text in Microsoft Word should not be too difficult a task, thanks to their textbox option. The said program also contains clean shapes that go well with making all kinds of sample coupons and vouchers. There are also clip arts and graphics available in the program which you can use for your coupon. 

6. Make It Clear and Comprehensible

Always remember to make your coupon layout clear and comprehensible. Users of the coupons need to be able to quickly understand how to use the coupon. The coupon should include the following information: the benefits of using it, the effective date, the expiration date, and its limitations.