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How to Create a Minutes of the Meeting in Microsoft Word

Understandably, our memory is not perfect. Humans as we are, we are born frail with time as our absolute enemy. We got no ally on this end. Not even the best of us could counter its spell of decay. Brainrules.net states that we can only remember roughly 10% of information if we heard it three days ago. If the said information had an image together with it, we could not forget around 65% of it, but it still is not 100%. It is not perfect. That is why posters and flyers appeal to us much more a series of words on a blank sheet.

That is why for institutions, both academic and commercial, needing a record on their meetings is vital. Decision-making in these gathering's agendas is crucial for the company's growth and expansion. It involves things like business plans and some other stuff. Some of its essential aspects include providing a clear record of past decisions, which enables people to stay connected to the group if they can't attend a meeting. It also reminds people what they said they'd do. That is why this kind of account is essential. If you need steps in making one some of it is available below.

1. Organize the Document

Your first step in creating your minutes of the minuting is to organize the whole document line up. After finishing the meeting, you ended up having a draft of everything you talked about inside that time. Your notes should have the date first. It would be best if you had that for people to know when the meeting was. After that, you should have the attendance of people who were involved in the conference. Do not also forget those who are also not able to be part of it because of some emergencies. After those details, you can add your meeting's agenda together with the decided ones. It also pays to include not the whole debate but just the different views that were part of the decision. With your choice, you should have the proper action plan together with the individuals responsible for the matter. Last, you can then add the date and time of your next meeting.

2. Gauge its Precision

Once you finish organizing the document, you can ask people about its precision. Being bias in the matter is a big mistake. Not only will people not trust anymore because of your choices. It is going to be difficult for you to allow gain more responsibilities in your job description. So ask a few inputs on this matter. Be sure though that the individual was in the session. Make your minutes' statement firm and confident.

3. Distribute to Everyone

Your next step is to distribute your minutes to everyone. Make sure to include those who were also absent in the meeting. You can choose to send the copy via an online newsletter or email, or sending a mail.

4. Make them Accessible

People will always be people. Sometimes they might forget the whole idea of the document. That is why you should always have a copy available that is accessible to everyone. Although you don't need to make these into flyers having an online library where everyone can view immediately is a big plus.

5. Privacy and Security

Lastly, you should make sure that this data is secure and private. Although there is no federal-level data security law in the US, be sure to check if your state has one. In Europe, there is already an EU-wide law for this. It is called the EU General Data Protection Regulation (EUGDPR).

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