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Showcase Your Services and Wholesale Products Like You Do Using a Pamphlet or Leaflet with's Free Catalog Templates in Word. Each Simple Catalog Product Document Here Is Not Only Available in Microsoft Word, but in Microsoft Publisher, Too. Easily Editable Just Like Our Tri Fold Brochure Templates. Download Now!See more

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  • Create and design catalogs with a master's touch by downloading one of our free premium catalog templates that is compatible with all versions of Microsoft Word. Whether for products or services, our templates offer you easy access with a compatible tool that's inexpensive and easy to modify, personalize and customize in whatever style you choose and prefer on MS Word(.doc) platform. Use your catalogs for whatever purpose you want such as for real estate, advertising, sales or product promotion. Style, personalize and customize in any way you want using Microsoft Word and print commercially or at the comfort of home. You may even share them online on your favorite social media app or through email. Available in (US) 8.5x11 inches.46419

    What Is a Catalog?

    A catalog is a printed marketing material that is used to promote brands and aims to help establish a business. It is similar to the likes of pamphlets, flyers, and brochures wherein it is printed on a high-quality medium. They are often distributed in high foot traffic areas in public. 

    How to Make a Catalog on Microsoft Word?

    There are several programs that you can use to create catalogs. One of the easiest user-friendly programs that you can use is Microsoft Word. Many computers and laptops have already had this program installed, however, if you don't have it on yours you can simply use an online version. It is completely free and carries the same functions as the program does. Below are some tips for creating a catalog.

    1. Identify the Type of Catalog

    Before you make your modern catalog, you need to first identify what type you want to make. There are three types: supply, retail, and digital. The supply catalog is designed for business-to-business relationships, which means you'll be selling your products or services to other businesses. You need to include your products, item numbers, and detail specifications about the product. You need to put the pricing details as well. Retail catalogs are for products and services targeted towards the public. Digital catalogs are generally virtual catalogs that can be emailed, viewed, or downloaded online. 

    2. Prepare Your Content

    When you've decided on which type of catalog you want to make, you can start preparing the content for your sample catalog. You will need to have a brief and concise description of your products or service along with a high-quality image. In your catalog, you will also need to write details about your company such as their telephone number and email. It would be best to include some customer testimonials as well to make your products look more desirable.

    3. Layout and Organization

    When you have your photos ready, you can create a series of rough drafts to focus on the possible layouts. It's best if you make around three to five and see which one suits your taste the best. Use the draft to help organize your content like where you plan to put the description and where to attach your images.

    4. High-Quality Photos or Illustrations

    The images you attach must be of high quality. So keep this in mind when you're making your catalog. It would also be best not to use stock images from the internet. Hire a photographer or take photos of yourself so that your possible clients will know what they're looking for. Modern catalogs use vector illustrations mostly for promoting their services.

    5.  Business Branding

    Because you want to gain more customers, you mustn't forget to include the branding of your company. Attach a logo of your business, preferably in the front where your customers and potential clients can see it. You can put a small profile in the back.

    6. Review

    With everything ready for printing, the last thing you need to do is review your catalog to make sure that everything is in place. Take the time to fix any errors in your layout and proofread the content. You just have to fix any spelling, grammar, or punctuation mistakes you made before you can save the file and have it printed.

    How does a Catalog help?

    The catalog serves multiple purposes other than simply promoting your business. If done properly, a catalog helps in:

    • It promotes the kind of service or products you provide. You can advertise special offers and samples of your products with the catalog for more people to know about your business.
    • It helps you get more sponsors. In your catalog, you might add the advertisement to other ally companies. you can charge them a specific amount for the promotion. this will help you gather more capital for your business. 
    • It helps you promote your personal details like other branches, locations, etc. 
    • You can attach coupons or vouchers to your catalog that the client can avail once they subscribe to your catalog. This will promote your business efficiently. 

    Vouchers, coupons, and catalogs themselves are prepared in your site already. They are 100% customizable, print-ready and waiting for you. You simply need to edit and personalize them according to your needs to create them in a jiffy without any hassle!