Is your dev team working on the next battle royale hit? Are you an indie game company looking to expand their horizons? No matter what your studio works on, it’s important that everyone is familiar with the hierarchy of the whole team. As our way to help with that, we’ve constructed a wide array of Ready-Made Gaming Organizational Chart Templates that are 100% customizable in Microsoft Word! Each one of these templates is easily editable, available to download in A4 and US letter sizes; they’re even printable for your convenience! Download our organizational chart templates to save time in composing your executive diagram!

How to Make a Gaming Organizational Chart in Word

Video games have become an influential part of our modern culture, as well as being highly profitable; these days, in the United States alone, the video game market is valued at about 20 billion US dollars. This success not only lies in the creative and technical abilities found within the industry, but also in the business expertise practiced by veteran publishers/developers. That’s why we’ve made a list of Ready-Made Gaming Organizational Chart Templates to aid in your own team’s success!

And, with the convenient yet efficient quality of Microsoft Word, customizing our organogram templates is a breeze! Just read our short guide down below to find out how.

1. Install Microsoft Word from the Office Store

Microsoft Word is a useful productivity tool that offers a streamlined interface, readily available on office desktop computers. However, if you don’t have access to Word yet, simply head over to Microsoft’s online Office Store to find the program. Once you’re at the site, just choose one of their monthly subscriptions and you’re all set to download Word. They even have a free trial offer to take advantage of before fully subscribing.

Alternatively, Word is also available to use on both Android and iOS devices. This is a perfect fit if you’re without immediate access to a Windows desktop.

2. Download One of Our Chart Templates

We have a wide range of customizable document templates for you to quickly create your paperwork with! To download any of our Ready-Made Gaming Organizational Chart Templates (found on this page), click on your desired template’s thumbnail to open its respective page in a new tab. Click on the freshly-made tab and use the large download button; follow the easy steps that show up to save the template file onto your computer/storage device.

You can find out more about your chosen template by reading the “Template Details” list, found on the right side of the page; click on “More Details” to see further information. On the far-left side, a lineup of preview shots can be found (click on any one of them to zoom in).

3. Run Microsoft Word; Edit Your Template

With Word installed and your template downloaded, it’s time to start sorting out your company’s authority on the chart. Open the template file in Word and edit it as you rack your brain. To further elaborate on your team’s functional structure, you can make use of a department chart.

Replace the prewritten content in the text bubbles. Keep in mind that readability is crucial when assembling a chart; use a contrasting color for your font to help it pop from the background tone. For the font style, go with something simple and don’t let fancy looks get in the way. Make sure the flow of hierarchy makes sense in the chart and is easy for the reader to follow on their own.

Print out and/or distribute the finished product as required.

4. Remember to Update the Chart

A change in the authority structure is always inevitable; be sure to create and present updated charts ASAP. Microsoft Word’s availability on mobile devices comes in handy in these situations.

With Microsoft Word and our chart templates, you can keep your dev team informed with ease!

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