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How to Write a Leave Letter?

Have you ever wanted to get away from all the hustle and bustle of work? To relax even if it’s for a day or two, away from your laptop, work chat room or even the constant ringing of office phones? Here’s where the infamous leave letters come in. A leave letter is a formal request for a leave of absence and depending on your reason, there are different kinds of leave letters you can make. Examples: vacation leave, sick leave, compensatory leave, funeral leave and many more.

Here are some tips on how you can apply for a leave:

  1. You will need to determine if you are eligible to take a leave or not. Business-wise, working-class citizens can start applying for leaves once they pass their 90-day probationary periods when the company decides to make them regular workers.

  2. The type of leave must be determined. One does not simply apply for a vacation leave when they should be applying for sick leave. If you have a family member that has passed away and you want a few days to grieve, you don’t apply for a vacation leave; it simply isn’t done that way.

  3. Speak with your superior or college dean. Inform them of the date that you don’t intend to be present and for how long. That way, there would be no conflict of schedules; and tell them your reason as to why you need the time off.

Letter writing can sometimes be pretty hard, especially if you’re fairly new to letter writing.

Normally you would need to present a specific time frame wherein you would like to take your leave, followed by a formal reason as to why you are taking one, and lastly express how grateful you are to the addressee for him even considering your request. The letter should always remain clear and concise while it takes on a formal tone. Don’t forget to leave the contact numbers they can use to reach you, should there be urgent matters to consider.

With all the tips that were just mentioned, creating the right type of format for your leave letter may sound like a complete hassle, especially if you are swamped with other responsibilities. But, with our ready-made, customizable simple letters, you’ll be able to apply for that formal leave in no time. It’s editable and even printable. With just one click, you can get our downloadable content for free.

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