As an employer, you have to assess your employee's performance based on your performance standard. Coming up with a comprehensive performance plan will help you check their status, improvements, and duties in achieving the employment contract that you created. Make your performance plan as formal as these Performance Plan Templates created as easily editable for you to edit according to your needs. With its organized format, you will no longer take much of your time planning what and where to put details. These are also 100% customizable and available in Google Docs, MS Word, and Apple Pages file formats in A4 and US file sizes. Take advantage of his opportunity now! 

What is a Performance Plan?

A performance plan is used for monitoring the performance management of all the employees obtaining the performance standard and objectives of the company to satisfy employment law and regulation. This is a corrective action in which employers based their decisions and actions on employee's performance, not the employee's behavior.

Aside from being a legal document, a performance plan is involved in a process of helping an underperforming employee to improve on an expected timeline, to save the team and guarantee the development of its performance reviews. This emphasizes the lacking areas an employer has to improve in. Other than that, this is for the employer's better and clearer assessment to justify if in case the termination will continue.

How to Write a Comprehensive Performance Plan

Since the right of the employee is constitutionally bonded, an employer cannot easily terminate any employee without the right documents. An employer must ensure that he/she has the right documents to justify his/her decision in a termination contract. Termination is not an easy decision that an employer can throw anytime as wanted. Thus, this performance plan is a document that an employer must work on.

A performance plan is a confidential document that is written formally without jargon, opinions, and casual language used. It is commonly one or two pages. There is a framework used in writing performance plans. A well-structured performance plan is a tool that you should reach. To help you out, we have provided five tips that you can use to create your sample plan.

1. Weigh its Necessity

If you have listed the deficiencies of your employees that you believe can be improved, then performance plan outline of your employees must be drawn. Before you do such action, you have to weigh first on how necessary it is to create one. Base it on your own legal standards, not through emotional discrepancies or any personal issues.

2. List your Concerns

Since improvement is the goal of a performance plan, then you have to list all the performance issues concerning your employees. Right after you identify all of it, present the objectives, the training to undertake, and the reasonable timeline that your employees must meet. To assist you with your timeline, use a Gantt Chart.

3. Talk to Them and Ask Feedback

Since this is a basic plan that you wish your employees will seriously take, then talk to them about the purpose, the need, and the urgency of this matter. Ask their ideas about it. Clearly present to them the consequences of not obtaining the desired outcome. This is to test how willing they are to improve. To further improve your performance plan, you can also seek feedback from your colleagues.

4. Let them Sign

Since this is made for two parties, then both must affix their signature to ensure its confidentiality and necessity. This will also serve as a legal document in case any of the two parties will not stay with the plan.

5. Review the Progress

To assess its effectiveness, you must always review the progress of your printable plan and your employee. You cannot make decisions until the time being framed is already catered.

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