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What Is A Handover Report?

A handover report is a business document that is issued by an outgoing employee to give knowledge about what handover procedure that the new hire will experience. It is a compilation of activity report summary to share job assignments temporarily or permanently. It will significantly help the successor of the job as they will not blindly start the work. It can also help the company as they can save time and effort in briefing the newbie.

How To Write A Handover Report?

In writing a handover report, you need to make sure that nothing essential is overlooked when both parties will execute the exchanging of roles. Whether you are taking over someone who will take a short vacation or will move permanently, do not disregard that there are specific issues that needed to be taken care of. If failed to do so, it can cause a drastic change in productivity, miscommunication, and even leads to business disclosure. It is every nightmare of business owners that they would not want to experience. With that being said, this article will significantly help you write an effective handover report.

1. Get The Data Ready

Before officially starting your handover report, you need to make a work information handover checklist that your successor must know. Make your daily, weekly, monthly, and annual activity as the basis for your checklist. Then, include information such as primary duties and responsibilities like protocols, commands, training programs, contacts, passwords, important dates, keys, and others.

2. Sort Out The Data

If you make sure that your checklist is fully packed with information, you need to sort it out. You can use an organizational chart to sort the contents. Break it down to priorities, frequency, information type, and sequence. Then, include the timeline of each task. Include the beginning of the task, how will it progress, and how will it end. In that sense, the new employee will know what and where to prioritize.

3. Indicate Key Objectives

With your key objectives, you need to indicate a summary of yours and the company's goals. What follows will solely depend as to what type of handover report you are making. To demonstrate, if you are making a shift handover report for nurse final project, you need to indicate the start of your task shift and the tasks need to be completed after the replacement. Note the tasks you have accomplished to avoid duplicating tasks.

4. Insert Tips And Recommendations

Providing tips and recommendations for the job is the last thing you can do for your successor. For instance, you can make an inventory with the locations of the essential documents and items needed and the contact information of the pertinent people in the job. You can also include recommendations for excellent productivity and job performance. It will help the new hire to proceed in the task without problems and discrepancies.

5. Get Things Together

After achieving everything, you can now get things altogether to form the handover report. Pro-tip — you can also download handover report templates that you can find here at Our templates are your best choice for your handover report as it is professionally-written and standardized with our professionals. You can also find other templates that you can use in handovers such as handover form, handover letter, and more.

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