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How to Make a School Certificate in Apple Pages

Julia Patrick, in her article in The Guardian, tackled whether or not reward systems at the primary level is impacting the students negatively. England has recently replaced academic and good behavior awards with certificates dubbed as the Virtues awards. This recognition is given to students who have exhibited the school’s values. While some critics are against this reward system in institutions as they promote exclusion and bias, child clinical psychologist Naira Wilson says that they provide the acknowledgment and recognition that a child might be missing in their households.

1. Select an Appropriate Theme

Before you curate a certificate design, identify what purpose it will serve. If it’s a simple merit award in a classroom setting, you can opt for a basic certificate layout. If it’s an excellence award certificate, then you should make an elegant certificate to match the occasion and nature of the reward. You can also consider the recipients and pattern your designs according to their preference or academic level. If you’re giving out certificates to students in kindergarten or primary school, a bright and colorful layout will do the trick.

2. Stick to the Format

Make the content appropriate to the certificate format. Avoid crowding your appreciation certificate with too many contents, this will potentially ruin the layout. Stick to what’s necessary and be done with it. Use a few timeless typefaces. Highlight the name and the award title by using a different, larger, and bolder font. Keep in mind that your certificate might be on display, so keep it readable not only by manipulating the font sizes but also by allowing ample space in between each line.

3. Be Meticulous with the Spelling

It’s a horror for every awarding ceremony to call out the wrong names or give the reward to the wrong person. See to it that each certificate contains the name of the correct person and is spelled correctly. Your recipients will surely disapprove of an achievement certificate that looks like it belongs to someone else, so be meticulous with the spelling. Go out of your way to do a double-check to ensure that you have a flawless document at hand.

4. Use a Quality Paper

It might just be a paper where your certificates are printed on, but it has a deeper sense. A poor paper material might indicate that your certificate is not as special as it claims to be. It lessens your output’s value and will most likely disappoint your recipients. It also acts as a preservation tool. High-quality stationery will keep your certificate in stellar condition even for decades. A low-grade material will submit your certificate to early decay, rendering it useless in a few years unless an extensive storage protection method is executed.

5. Consider Using a Certificate Template

If you have limited time and skills to do the job right, employ the aid of a school certificate template. A template is complete with all the necessary content, design, and themes needed to complete a certificate. Make your selection among our vast template gallery. Our collection guarantees the best results with original, high-resolution, and professionally made graphic designs to cater to your every need.