Small Business Checklists Templates

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Do you need help when it comes to starting up a small business or taking care of the existing one? Then, use our professionally made small business checklist templates! With them, you can cover everything from your business operations to your workplace safety so that your path towards success will come much easier. Also, you would like to let you know that these templates contain ready-made content that will simplify your task by reducing personalization time. Experience convenience while planning anything. Subscribe and start downloading them now!

What is a Small Business Checklist?

Simply put, it is a checklist specifically designed to aid individuals with all matters concerning their small businesses. The document is excellent for reminding one of the tasks that need to be completed to ensure that all operations run smoothly. This type of checklist usually covers things such as social media usage, employee assessments, etc. Basically, it covers anything that has to do with running a small business. 

How to Make a Small Business Checklist?

1. Cover Its Funding and Budget

Whether it's a startup or an already existing small business, you need to be able to cover everything from its sources of revenue to the expenses it needs to make. If you're just starting to open up your own small business, then start with how it's going to get its funds. Is it via a loan application or will the funds come straight from the owner? Be sure to point this out clearly. Once that's done, you simply have to list down all of its potential income sources, what the budget will cover, and the time period it's expected to cover. 

2. Add Documents That Need to be Secured

You won't be able to operate your small business if you do not have the legal documents that allow you to do so. This is where you'll need to make a list of all the things you need to ensure that your small business can operate without running into any issues. Be sure to include documents such as permits that allow you to do business in the area you're located in or the contract for securing the workplace establishment.

3. Explain the Recruitment and Training Process

Start by pointing out the specific roles that your small business needs. Then you will need to explain the recruitment methods that will be used to acquire them. Provide detailed descriptions of what exactly has to be done to get needed employees, as well as how they should be trained

4. Provide Details of Business Operations

Here is where you will show what it is that your business does on a daily basis. Begin by providing a list of all the tasks that have to be accomplished. Next is to point out the roles that will be in charge of making sure that these tasks are completed. When it comes to how your small business will provide its product and services, point out how and what materials and equipment must be secured. Also, point out who will be responsible for ensuring that everything is acquired.

5. Share How It Should be Marketed

This is when you will have to make a list of all the marketing strategies and tactics that you need to implement to attract your target audience. Begin by explaining who exactly your target audience is supposed to be and then provide detailed descriptions for every marketing-related task that must be done. Before writing down your marketing strategies, be sure to consider the usage of social media or your business's website in order to find the best possible methods.

6. List Down How Employee Compensation Is Handled 

You want to make sure that your employees are compensated for the work that they are going to be doing for you. So you'll need to make a list that consists of the process which ensures that employees receive both their salary and promised benefits. Include things like who is in charge of managing the payroll and the method or methods to be used to distribute the pay.

7. Explain How Workplace Safety Should be Maintained

It is important that your small business has nothing but a safe and healthy working environment. So what you need to do is to describe what has to be done in order to maintain workplace safety. Write down what has to be done or what items have to be secured along with who will be assigned to assess and prevent any workplace hazards. Also, consider creating safety training to ensure that all employees are aware of the different risks and how they can either avoid or prevent them from causing harm and damage.