Task Plan Templates

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Are you having a hard time managing your time? Having trouble chasing it? Maybe it's time to manage it properly! Make a task plan to improve your productivity and set your priorities straight! With a task plan, you can monitor your task execution as well as the time and the percentage left for completion. Using it, you can organize your tasks and time more precisely! We offer you a very detailed Task Plan Template. It is a high-quality and 100% customizable plan template that is easily editable. It surely saves you more time in doing the tasks and planning for more tasks even further. It is also beautifully and professionally designed to make it neater and more organized. So download a task template now!

What Is a Task Plan?

A task plan is a program list that organizes tasks daily, weekly, or monthly. It is like a to-do list or checklist but with more detailed information about the tasks. It helps track the individual's plans and goals and help the individual manage their time better. The core purpose of a task plan is time and project management.

How to Make a Task Plan

task plan template

People use task plans to be organized, continuously be productive, set priorities, and do a better transition of work. It is one of the most effective methods to get things done and to achieve project plans. It is also very helpful for companies to track the employee's productivity. Using task plans, they can monitor the employee's accomplished works. Here are the steps in making a task plan.

1. Plan the Tasks

List down the tasks that need to be done. List the different plans that you have from the most important to the least. Always put the highly prioritized task at the top so that you would know what needs to be done first. Next, put time stamps next to each task. Put the deadlines next to the tasks for you to know when you should finish it. Then, create a timeline chart on the series of tasks to be done for you to see the flow of tasks with its time and date of set completion.

2. Make a Table

Using Microsoft Excel, create a table for your task plan. Make five columns. Name each column as Task/Activity, Deadline, Status, Number of Hours Spent, and the Percentage Completed. Under the Task/Activity column is where the tasks are written. The Deadline is where you indicate the time or date of the task should be completed. The Status is where you write if it is already done, or still processing, or just starting. The Number of Hours Spent is where you put the number of hours you spent to finish the task. The last one is the Percentage Completed, where the number of percentages is written as you progress in finishing up the task. 

3. Start the Task Plan

Make a legal document of your task plan. This is important especially if the task plan is for company use or for formal use. Write the name at the top of the paper. Next is the employee ID. Then, set the starting date and the deadline date. Write the starting date of the week or month and at the end of the week or month.

4. Fill In and Save

Fill in the table with the planned tasks. Write your tasks and the target date of completion. Make sure that the task is doable with the set time. Then, finalize everything especially if the sample plan is for company use. Make sure that there are no errors and incorrect information. If everything is already set, save the document and print it.