How to Share Google Calendar on Mobile and iPhone

Google Calendar is functional not only for computers but also via mobile such as iPhone and Android. So if you want to share your Google Calendar dates using mobile, make sure to apply the steps mentioned in this article. how-to-share-google-calendar-on-mobile-and-iphone-01

How to Share Google Calendar on Mobile and iPhone

  • Step 1: Share Your Google Calendar on Android


    On your browser, open the Google Calendar main page and find your calendar in the My Calendars section. Select Settings and Sharing in the options list next to the calendar’s name, then use “Access permissions for events” and “Share with specific people” as needed. View calendars on Android using the Google Calendar app.

  • Step 2: Sync Your Google Calendar to an iPad or iPhone

    First, open the Settings menu on your chosen iOS device and locate the Calendar in the list. Next, go into Accounts and tap on the “Add Account” option before choosing Google from the selection. Tap on Next after entering and verifying your email address, which will sync your device’s events, contracts, and other details with your Google account.

  • Step 3: View a Shared Calendar on Your iOS Device

    After syncing your Google account with your iPad or iPhone, open the default calendar app on the device. From the list that appears, locate and check the calendars you want to view. Uncheck a calendar in the list if you don’t want to view it.

  • Step 4: Export Your Calendar to an iOS Device


    Open Google Calendar in a web browser and click on the gear icon (top right corner) before selecting Settings. On the Settings page, save the calendar to your storage by selecting Export under the Import & Export section.

Can I use the Google Calendar app on mobile devices to share calendars?

No, you can share calendars directly on a web browser only.

How do I install the Google Calendar app on Android?

You can visit the Play Store to install the Google Calendar on your Android device.

How do I Install Google Calendar on my iOS device?

For an iPad or iPhone, you can install Google Calendar from the App Store.