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In every company, there are always going to be rules and regulations to ensure that everyone is kept in check; while at the same time making sure that everyone is able to work in a proper work environment. Some may see these rules as obstructing or even annoying, but they’re required to guarantee security to a company and its employees.

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A good example would be company policies that are focused towards the health and safety of everyone that works in a particular organization. So long as a business has this, they can ensure that their employees know what to do and what not to do when it comes to anything related to safety. This article will teach how to go about in creating your company’s own safety policy.

Health and Safety Policy

Workplace Health and Safety Policy Template Sample

Sample Occupational Health and Safety Policy

How to Make Your Workplace Safety Policy

While the entire point of this particular Company Policy is to guarantee everyone’s safety and health, there are a couple of things that you have to make sure that it covers.

A safety policy should consist of three parts, those being the following:

1. Make it Concise

If you think that by making this a very long document will help ensure the safety of your employees, then you should forget that way of thinking. A long policy does not mean a good policy.

You need to identify who is supposed to perform what responsibility. In a small business that responsibility may just fall upon one person, but a larger one might require several people. So, let’s say that your company has someone who writes the risk assessments and statement template, and someone else checks the equipment that you use. You should identify the names of these individuals and make sure that you know what they’re responsible for and write them down. Also, make sure that you remind them of their responsibilities to ensure that they perform their duties in maintaining the safety of the workplace.

Sample Written Program for Construction Safety Policy

Sample Workplace Health and Safety Statement

Workplace Health and Safety Policy Statement

A General Statement of Intent

No matter what kind of policy you intend to make, you’ll need to describe its intended purpose to the people that will be reading it. So, when creating your workplace safety policy, you’ll need to create a personal statement of intent as this will outline the business overall philosophy in relation to the management of health and safety in broad terms. This should include references to the broad responsibilities of both management and the workforce to ensure that everyone does their part to maintain a safe and healthy work environment.

By law, this will have to be signed by the director in charge of health and safety, with a smaller company it is almost always the Managing Director. Your safety policy will need to carry a signature from the last 12 months; meaning that your safety policy will need to be reviewed at least once every single year.

1. Organization

This would talk about all of the different people in the company as well as what their duties are. This outlines the chain of command in terms of health and safety management, e.g:

  • Who is responsible for who and for what?
  • What is the accountability protocol to ensure that all of the delegated responsibilities are carried out?
  • How is the implementation of the safety policy going to be monitored?

Other organizational features should include:

  • Details which showcase the specific safety responsibility of every position within the company.
  • The roles and functions of safety committee(s).
  • The roles and functions of safety representatives.
  • A management chart which should be able to clearly point out the lines of responsibility and accountability in terms of managing everyone’s health and safety.

In a smaller organization, one would need to make use of a management chart. A simple list would suffice if there are very few levels of management or control.

2. Arrangements

The final stage of writing your Policy is to identify the practical arrangements that will help you manage all of the different aspects that affect those who either carry out work or those who may be affected by any of the work that’s being done by the employees. This is going to be the largest section of your safety policy.

The arrangements give information to your people about how you manage a particular aspect of health and safety within the work environment. Every element that’s in this section should have its own heading and under that heading will be statement sample regarding how you are going to manage the risks that are associated with things such as electrical equipment as well as who is responsible for makings sure that it all takes place. The arrangements will vary dependent on the type of work that you generally undertake.

This section of the policy should include the following:

  • Employee training – How employees will be trained in regards to the safety systems of the company.
  • Environmental control – This discusses how the employees will take control of any environment to prevent safety and health risks.
  • Machine and area management – This will discuss how the employees will make use of the equipment and Survey Questionnaires the area for any potential risks.
  • Noise control – To prevent employees from causing any unwanted noise from reaching out beyond the work environment.
  • Radiation safety and/or dust control – To ensure that the employees as well as those who maybe be caught up in a particular project from being exposed to dangers revolving radiation and dust.
  • Use of toxic materials – This talks about all of the toxic materials that will be used during company-related projects and how the employees will utilize them to prevent any sort of danger to themselves.
  • Internal communication – This will discuss how the employees will communicate with one another to ensure that they are all in line with the safety policy.
  • Utilization of safety committee and representatives – This part of the policy focuses more on the duties and responsibilities of the safety committee and representatives. This is basically the outline of how they should go about performing their duties to ensure that everyone in the workplace is safe and healthy.
  • Fire safety and prevention – In every business, there is always the risk of having the establishment burn to the ground. To prevent that, fire safety must be discussed within the policy to ensure that employees know all about what needs to be done in the event of a fire or what needs to be done to ensure that it never happens.
  • Maintenance records – This would talk about how employees are to make accident reports in the event that anything happens in the workplace which could lead to endangering one’s health and safety. This discusses the proper procedure regarding how the employee will create the report and who he or she will submit it to.
  • Emergency procedures – These are all of the steps which discuss what employees will need to do in the event that an incident occurs which will endanger the lives of everyone within the company.
  • Workplace monitoring – This discusses how the workplace of the company will be monitored to ensure that everyone is in line with the workplace safety policy.

Work Health and Safety Policy

Guide to Workplace Health & Safety Policy

The Basic Objectives of a Workplace Safety Policy

While you’re in the process of creating the policy, you have to remember that it should be able to state its main objectives.

Examples of which are the following:

1. Specify that health and safety are management responsibilities which rank equally with responsibilities that are related to production, sales, costs, and other similar matters.

2. It will indicate that the duty of project management is to see that everything is being done in order to prevent any risks to an employee’s safety and health. Basically, managers do whatever it takes to prevent things such as employees getting injured.

3. The policy should indicate that every single employee has a responsibility to do whatever they can to prevent themselves and others from being exposed to anything that could potentially injure them physically or damage their health. Although the implementation of a privacy policy is a management responsibility, it will rely heavily on the co-operation of those who are responsible for producing certain goods and who are taking the risk while doing so.

4. Identify the main board director or managing board director (or directors) who have prime responsibility for health and safety. This will help in making the commitment of the board precise, and provide points of reference for any manager who is faced with a conflict between the demands made for production and the demands for the safety of the employees.

5. Be updated to ensure that it is periodically revised in the light of current conditions. Once the policy has been reviewed and updated, it must then be signed by the chairman, managing director, chief executive, or whoever speaks at the highest level and who has the most authority when it comes to managing the health and safety within the workplace.

6. It must clearly state who is in charge of managing operations that pose potential health and safety dangers as well as how it’s going to be done.

Drafting Occupational Health and Safety Policy

You need to remember that every employee within the company has to be aware of the policy’s existence as well as its contents. The best ways to do this is by putting it in the employee handbook or requiring the employees to participate in training that should explain all the details regarding the policy. It’s also best if you have them sign an acknowledgment letter which states that they have read and understood everything in the safety policy.

If you would like to know more regarding how to make this particular policy or how you will go about in creating other types of company policies, then all you have to do is go through our site, find the articles which contain the information you need, and utilize what you have been able to gather to help you out.

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