39+ Photo Collage Templates – Free PSD, Vector EPS, AI, Indesign Format Download

A picture, it is said, is worth a thousand words. Well, more pictures mean more expression, and that’s why free collage making templates for download are the perfect designing aids you need to make heads turn and eyeballs pop with your images. Manually experimenting with collages through clumsy picture editing tools can leave you with no patience to struggle any further. You can also see this Collage Makers.

On the other hand, your free collage making templates for download will finish the work in style, and will not take more than a few minutes in any case. Even if you choose to delve deep into the world of customization options that these templates offer you. Right from multiple frames to work with, to crazy fonts that add a lot more life to your collages, there’s every option imaginable served to you even with free collage making templates for download. Here is a list of the best rated and top notch free collage making templates that you’d just love playing around with. See this Examples of Collage Pictures.

Facebook Cover Photo Collage Template PSD Format

facebook cover photo collage template psd format min


Facebook cover photo collage template 2016 is perfect for photo collaging purpose. It is available for free to download and comes with 2 layered PSD files. It promises to be fully editable.

Canva Best Photo Collage Creator

canva best photo collage creator min

Canva is a niche photo collage creator editable collage template with easy customization option. It is printer friendly and comes with layered PSD files. It offers easy editing of the images while keeping the resolution intact.

Romantic Hearts Wedding Photo Collage Template

romantic hearts wedding photo collage template min

Romantic Hearts Wedding is one of the best collage templates that offers the users option to select up to a total of 9 images being framed in heart shapes. There is also the option to add text.

Collage Cover Photos for Facebook Fan Page Template

collage cover photos for facebook fan page template min

Best Photo Collage Template Maker Download

best photo collage template maker download min

Best photo collage template allows the designer to select sample photo collage design for the photo collage. Images can be included in the range of 3 to 29. There is also option to include text.

Baby’s First Year Photo Collage Template

babys first year photo collage template min


Baby’s first year picture collage template has a beautiful design to work with. The background is fully editable. It has layered PSD files with the option to include images and texts.

Creative Photo Collage for Facebook Timeline Template PSD

creative photo collage for facebook timeline template psd min

Creative photo collage action photoshop for facebook timeline template provides the option to include 13 images on the cover page of facebook. Photos can be transformed into black and white with single click.

Photo Collage Best Collage Template Online

photo collage best collage template online min

Photo collage best collage psd download template allows you to design collage in the most unique way possible. There are options to include 3 images at a stretch. The files are printable and customizable.

Glamour Shoot Photo Collage Template Online

glamour shoot photo collage template online min


Glamour Shoot Photo Collage makers Template Online is available for free download. It is easy to customize and comes with quite a few sample PSD files. It is printer friendly and offers the option to include image.

Calendar Photo Collage Template Download

calendar photo collage template download min


Calendar Photo Collage Template can be downloaded for free online. You can select up to 29 images to create the collage. This free college maker is printer friendly and comes with option to include texts.

Editable Fashionable Eyewear Photo Collage Template

editable fashionable eyewear photo collage template min


Editable fashionable eyewear photo collage psd free download template can be used to create amazing photo collage with some simple tweaks using the drag-and-drop editor. The color schemes can be editable and texts can be include.

Awesome Album Photo Collage Maker Template Download

awesome album photo collage maker template download min


Download this template for free to create awesome photo collages using customized images and texts. The background can be editable. The image collage PSD files are easy to print and come with 300 dpi resolution.

Lively Bubbles Photo Collage Template for Free

lively bubbles photo collage template for free min


Lively Bubbles Photo Collage Template free download is available from different sites and comes with a very attractive and catchy design. It is perfect for family collage album.  It is fully editable and printer friendly.

Puzzle Photo Collage Template Download

puzzle photo collage template download min


As the name suggests, Puzzle Photo Collage PSD Template comes with a very unique design in the form of puzzles. It comes with layered PSD files and offers option to add image and texts.

Free Daring Escapes Photo Collage Template

free daring escapes photo collage template min


Free Daring Escapes Photo Collage PSD Template offers the opportunity to showcase travel photos. The files are editable and there is option to include images too. The easy-to-use design interface makes it the perfect photo collage.

Photo Card Templates

9150660 min


This template can be easily downloaded in addition to the quick collage and email scrapbook support. With the print ready interface in picture, this option renders the needed support besides the customizable layout.

Rectangle photo collage

16507775 min


Start unleashing killer collages with this essential template which comes with downloadable support and customizable fonts. Print ready interface renders added support whereas the stock photos come in real handy for the designers.

More Square Photo

28121110 min


E-mail support is provided whereas the extensive documentation makes this an instant hit. Other features include an exhaustive and customizable layout which speaks volumes of the resourcefulness besides the varied color profile.

Collage template

38685401 min

Horizontal layouts make this template an instant hit followed by the innovative spacing arrangements. Extensive documentation and a layered interface surely pack a punch besides the exceptional print ready layout.


24886451 min.


This template comes with a 5×5 layout in addition to the vibrant colors and featured font sets. One can use this option for printing whereas the customizable interface comes in as a handy option besides the layered files.


27785683 min


This template comes with multiple features like fancy texts and an extended color palette. Other options include clipart availability and certain stock photos which come in handy for the designers.

Poster my wall- preview

72606530 min


The option of stock photos and an extended image gallery make this template an instant hit. Navigation is made simpler with the beautiful sliders and the varied color schemes come in real handy.

Poster my wall- preview

88767740 min

This is one feature packed template which showcases multiple designs and comes with certain stock photos and changeable texts. Background combinations provide the needed boost in addition to the selected imagery.

4-Image collage

5744069 min


Just like the name, this template has four images in store which can be sparingly customized based on the varied user requirements. Color schemes can be modulated whereas the featured font sets make this a handy option.

Great love collage

1804388 min

Make picturesque collages with this template featuring Photoshop empowered images and colors. This option also helps realize the best possible designs in addition to the layered PSD files and a simplistic layout.

Blog collage template

7652417 min
Photoshop ready options are provided herein besides the multiple color schemes. One can include the print ready interface into the mix followed by the effective tools in stock photos and an extended color palette.

Baby cage

96433480 min


This is one feature packed template with editable dimensions and a print ready interface. Fonts are included besides the layered PSD files and Photoshop inspired images for the professionals to make use of.

Drizzly day

70634626 min


This template supports a higher resolution which in turn complements the print ready layout exceedingly well. Clipping masks are included with the images whereas the customizable texts provide the needed boost.


84848196 min

One can use this template for printing or as a blog board besides including font based support. One Photoshop PSD file is featured in addition to the multiple color combinations and clipping masks.

Studio banner

9977040 min


Higher resolution up to 300 DPI is supported by this template in addition to the print ready layout. Exceptional color schemes are included besides the customizable texts and colors which render added support.

My heart

65986670 min


This template carries the fragrance of romanticism and includes all the essential features like a layered PSD files and the print ready interface. Adobe compatibility comes in handy whereas the customizable colors duly pack a punch.


35016216 min


This template has 36 photo openings which can be customized based on user preferences. Clipping masks are added besides the Instagram supported pictures and multiple color selections which come in handy for the designers.

My first year

4815615 min


This template supports higher resolution and includes 13 photo openings for the professionals to make use of. Clipping masks for the images are included besides the changeable background and Adobe compatibility.


30508196 min


One can use this template as a blog board which then emanates class alongside certain customizable options. The print ready interface comes in handy besides the layered Photoshop PSD files.


46245050 min


This template comes with adobe compatibility and also addresses the innovative need perfectly enough. Customizable texts come in handy besides the layered Photoshop file and a print ready interface for the professionals.


84052404 min


This template has in store numerous stock photos which have clipping masks added to them for editing. Printable layouts and exquisite color schemes also come in handy besides the usable font sets.


20270870 min


With the usable color selections and featured font sets, this template is an instant hit among the masses. Adobe compatibility is an essential plus whereas the clipping masks provide added flexibility to the professionals.

Collage template

15314744 min


This template comes with a minimalistic pattern which includes multiple blocks and effective designs. Blocks can be added on demand whereas the print ready interface renders additional support to the professionals.

7 picture

86657150 min


With 7 pictures embedded into the mix, this template provides added flexibility besides the Photoshop empowered images and fonts. PSD files are included whereas the video tutorial surely packs a punch.

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