Besides message posts, profile cover art is another effective medium for promoting content on Facebook. If you’re having trouble with designing one, then allow us to help you out with our Facebook Cover Templates. By incorporating our creative materials, you’ll have no trouble adorning your Facebook with appealing visuals. Additionally, our samples are 100% customizable in Adobe Photoshop to give you as much freedom as needed for your design process. So, hurry and download today—put together unique Facebook covers for your aesthetic needs!

How to Make a Facebook Cover

The Balance (a business-focused resource) explains how social media networks allow you to create and share content instantly. Because of this, such sites are convenient yet effective for raking in plenty of exposure. And with its popularity, Facebook is one of the best platforms for promotional content.

Are you wondering how to make the most out of your Facebook cover? Then consider reading our tips below.

1. Get the Right Measurements for Your Facebook Cover Image

Start putting together your image by setting up its width and height. For a Facebook cover, make sure your image has a resolution of at least 820 x 312 pixels. If you have a premade image that’s much larger than Facebook’s size restriction, use a software application (like MS Word or Apple Pages) to crop or shrink it.

2. Utilize Pictures in Your Facebook Cover

Using a photo, illustration, or other kinds of pictures is one method of making a beautiful Facebook cover. Whether you’re going for something cute, romantic, or formal, your picture should be thematically appropriate.

3. Give Your Facebook Cover Complementary Graphics

To add a bit of attitude or character to your Facebook cover, you need some professional graphic designs. Incorporate a simple vector style to suit the compact format of your cover image. If your profile represents a brand or company, then incorporate trademark colors for brand recognition.

4. Prepare Typography in Your Facebook Cover

When adding quotes, features, or other kinds of dialogue in your cover image, implement font styles and colors that match the overall design. Along with that, use different font sizes to emphasize key sections of your written content.

And after reading our tips, you can now create a Facebook cover for all your advertising purposes! Don’t forget to use our Facebook Cover Templates to help make your eyecatching visuals!

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