Top Ten Visual Feedback Tools Mandatory for Web Designers

Creativity is not a simple phenomenon and requires the unprecedented and dynamic strategies in order to put all the bits and pieces into a unique formation. Web designers are basically the creators and the artists of the internet. For us, the user of a website, doesn’t take that much of a time to skim the pages of the website, but in the background, it has been created with intricate knowledge and tools.

visual feedback tools

The work of such web designers includes not just developing the structure, but also to get the accurate feedbacks from clients. Here are the top ten Feedback tools that every designer should consider utilizing. You can also see New Web Design Tools.

InVision LiveCapture

invision livecaptureWe have a strong reason to put this tool on the top of the list. This is the best tool to combine the designed work and also to present the work. It has the feature to snap the pictures of the web pages and then provide feedback to the designers.

Concept Feedback

concept feedbackIn order to get the true and accurate feedback from the professionals and elite analysts, this is the website that will suit you best.
It has the numerous options to help you with your web design, mockup, application or wireframe. One unique thing about this tool is that it has the community comprised of more than 30,000 designers and other related personnel.


trackduckAnother feedback that should be included is the TrackDuck. Although, it is on the 3rd spot, it is considered as the most ideal for the web designers. It is extremely simple for the designers to get the feedback from the users through the comments. Very easy to install through a wizard which will open ways for the designers to receive constructive criticism.


bugmuncherOn the fourth spot is the very useful tool for the web designers, the BugMuncher. As its name suggest, it identifies the potential issues that appears on the web pages. It is a very interactive tool for the designers to receive feedback from the users as they can suggest tweaks for the designers to improve the website.


bugherdBugHerd provides the platform to revise the work of the designers accordingly to the feedback of the clients. It is the perfect place to combine the ideas of the users and the designers. It helps to find out the bugs as its name suggest. Client based website is the ultimate goal of this tool.


notableIt has been put on the 8th spot all because of its price but this feedback tool should be on the top of the list due to its effective system of getting public opinions for the web designers. It is in fact the feedback sharing platform. User has the autonomy to write about any feature of the site. [Go To Notable]


usabilityhubBefore a website goes live, designers are advised to utilize a tool known as the usability tool. The tool gives designers ideas as to how their website can be made better. The platform runs in an orderly manner and it is very user friendly. Specific features are employed to monitor certain aspects of the website.You can also see usability.


usertestingThis tenth spot tool will certainly connect the work of designer to the large segment of users. There designer-specific tests available in the form of templates. Designers can specify the demographics that are relevant for their websites, to get the most accurate results. Video feedbacks are also available for the designers to accurately read the user. [Go To Website]