How to Make a Pre-employment Checklist

Every company has to make sure that each new employee understands what the company is all about. Human resources also have the responsibility to elaborate on each new hire’s duties and job descriptions while managers have to inform them on how they are expected to perform. You may also see Checklist Samples.

It is a must for all companies to formally introduce these people to their new working environments.

Simple Checklist Pre-Employment Template

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Checklist Pre-Employment Template

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Not only that, but employers need these new recruits to go through all of the processes that will ensure that they become official employees of the business. This would include a background check, drug testing, submission of important documents, and more. This article is going to teach you how you can start creating a general checklist of what you need these new employees to submit before they can start working for your company.

Pre-employment checklist to give to new hires

This following are items that you need to ask from your new employees so that they can submit all of the important documentation required by your company:

Employee data

This first thing that you need is a list of all of the new hire’s data and information. You need these new hires to properly spell out their full names and submit information regarding their current addresses and contact information. You will then need to put in their salary information, date of employment, and the date of their orientation within their general employee information section.

Other pieces of information that have to be included in this section are their status as employees, whether they are full time or part time employees, the names of their immediate supervisors, and the title of the position that they now hold. You may also see inspection checklist

Forms checklist

This is where you need all of the important documents that new hires have to submit in order for them to become official employees of your company. So, put this down on your basic checklist and list all of these documents, as well as place a line where you put in the dates when you were able to receive them. Most new employees need to fill in a W-4 and I-9 and provide two forms of identification as well. Other documents that new employees need to provide depend on the types of jobs that they are going to perform.

For example, those who wish to be employed under general management security will need to provide documentation where they can show that they have passed a criminal background check. There are even some of these jobs that will require new employees to sign a drug test consent form before they can proceed with simple employment. Make it clear what you want these employees to submit so that you will know which of these people are willing to cooperate with your company.

Employees checklist

There are a lot of companies that will hand out simple statements that new employees will have to check before they can officially be employed. Whenever a company conducts a background check or a drug test, they will then provide these new employees a document stating why these need to be conducted in order to push through with the simple employment process.

These documents should also state that if these people decide not to be screened, then it may very well lead to the loss of the job offer. Other items that may appear on the simple checklist include statements that new hires understand the rules of the appropriate time that they should enter the workplace, how their payment works, what they can and cannot do once they are employed, and the rules on taking time off.

Other document and training

There are positions in a company where new employees have to go through certain types of training before they can start working. Some companies require that these new hires submit general statements which provide information that they have attended and passed the employee training that the company has required them to go through such as skill assessment tests or health and safety training. In some cases, employees are handed out rule books or employee codes of conduct that they have to read and sign as part of the pre-employment process.

Checklist Steps

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