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167+ Note Templates – Free Sample, Example, PDF, PSD, EPS, Format Download!

A simple definition of a note template is that is a tool which anyone can download and use to jot down quick notes, reminders, alerts regarding personal and professional matters. Sample note templates are easily available and you can find them across the Internet in many styles and formats – PDF, Word and Excel. A note template is a very handy asset in many professions. Scroll through our compilation of options and download your favorites now!

82+ FREE & Premium Note Templates - Download NOWBeautifully Designed, Easily Editable Templates to Get your Work Done Faster & Smarter.

> Cornell Note Template

A Cornell note template is a very important student’s tool; the Cornell note is a learning tool that makes personal reading fun. With this template, you can write down definition of terms and content description for subjects learned. The template can be either in PDF, Word or Excel format. Whatever the format, these tools will help you make learning a fun activity.[10+ Cornell Note Templates]

SOAP Note Template

A SOAP note template is an important pre-made piece of writing material that can be used for decision-making. It was first used in the 1900s to keep accurate records of patients, but today it is used to outline problems, suggested solutions and the outcome of the results after solving the problem.[11+ Soap Note Templates]

Doctors Note Template

Want to skip work or school today! A doctor note template can help you do that professionally. Simply download the template from the internet, in word or PDF format, and use it to write a doctor note. Write in such a way that the person reading it will agree to give you permission to go see the doctor, without complicating things.[10+ Doctor Note Templates]

Meeting Notes Template

If you are working in a company where there are meetings upon meetings, you might need to keep meeting notes template with you. They have a standard outline that don’t need to change in every meeting note; all you need to do actually is to write only the content of the meeting.[9+ Meeting Note Templates]

Demand Note Template

A demand note template is an important tool for customers. With this template, customers can create a description of the products that they would like to order from a manufacture and thereafter place the order. As a customer, you should prepare two demand notes. Keep one with you for reference, and send the other one to the seller.[5+ Demand Note Templates]

Loan Note Template

Loan note template can help you write a loan agreement between you the lender and the borrower. The content of the note should be clear. The language you use should be simple; even a grade two should understand what you are trying to communicate. The loan contract agreement should be clear and concise.[11+ Loan Note Templates]

Note Card Template

Get a note card template for free today by simply downloading from the internet. Although creating your own piece might seem pleasant, it is certain creating the template from scratch is going to take a lot of your time. Luckily, you can download a reusable word, PDF or excel note card template, and use the template whenever its need arises.[15+ Note Card Templates]

Delivery Note Template

Delivery note templates are used by businesses that offer paid or free shipping services. A businesspersons (the seller) prepares two delivery notes, he sends one to the buyer and remains with the other. The content of the delivery is often a simple message to the buyer that their goods have been dispatched and are on the way coming.[9+ Delivery Note Templates]

Keynote Template

For those who have Mac computers, keynote templates can be of great help. You can use this template for anything by the way. Individuals can use the keynote to create their shopping lists and make personal notes. Businesspersons can use this template in so many different ways include creating sales note, promissory notes and delivery notes to mention just a few.[14+ Keynote Templates]

Medical Note Template

A medical note template can be used by an employee who is feeling weak and sickly and cannot be able to perform their work duties as normal. Simply download this template, in either word or PDF file format, and use it to write a doctor note to your supervisor, who should give you permission to see a doctor.[9+ Medical Note Templates]

Mortgage Note Template

Selling mortgages is a tough job, because the client often makes partial payments after an agreed period. To make sure that the client does not default in payment, writing an agreement of contract may be necessary. A mortgage note template can help you write a single contract of agreement, which you can then distribute to multiple customers.[8+ Mortgage Note Templates]

Death Note Template

Writing a death note about someone you love often hurts; the person who has died is gone, and he or she will never come back to life. The best and the easiest way to write about someone who has passed on, is to use the death note template. This template is free to download from the internet and is easy to customize.[5+ Death Note Templates]

Musical Note Template

Playing music when you have the right notes will definitely be fun. To get the best notes, simply download the best music note template from the internet today. The templates are easy to customize although you can use them as they are. The template can be used by beginners as well as those who already know music better.[12+ Musical Note Templates]

Sticky Note Template

A sticky note template is useful when you want to add some extra description in your current document without affecting its content. Custom templates, developed in word, excel and PDF file formats, are often the best alternatives to blank templates, but if you are looking for something simple, blank templates will do.[15+ Sticky Note Templates]

Promissory Note Template

A promissory note template is a business note written by a seller to the buyer. The word, PDF or excel template often has a quick notice, written by the seller to the buyer, that their purchase order has been received, and is being processed. The note is often short, and it acts as a quick notification that their order will be processed as requested.[12+ Promissory Note Templates]

Thank you Note Template

Saying thank you can connect you with many people. Also, it can open up new opportunities in life and give a sense of fulfillment. Use a thank you note template today to write a special custom letter that you can send to that someone who has done good to you. It doesn’t have to be something big really; be thankful even for the little things.[12+ Thankyou Note Templates]

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