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Reminder Note Templates

The point of having notes is to hand over information to either someone else or to someone else. While there’s no end as to what you can place in a note, there has to be some piece of information that one can use when receiving a note otherwise it’ll just seem pointless in making one. You may also see sample note templates.

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In this case, this article is going to focus on how you will go about the process of creating reminder notes. With the help of this type of document, one will be able to set a reminder for someone else or for himself/herself in regards to important matters. You may also like progress note templates.

Situations that Require a Reminder Note

While there are a lot of personal reasons as to why you would want to send someone a reminder note, there are also notes that are used for business-related purposes. So, here are a couple of situations in which you will be required to create a reminder note:

1. Late Payments

Let’s say that you’re a landlord and you see that you have a tenant who isn’t exactly sticking with the rent schedule and has an overdue payment that is yet to be paid for. So the one thing that you’re going to have is sending that person a reminder that he/she owes you money. By creating a reminder note, you will be able to tell that person just how much money that he/she owes you, the date on which he/she has not paid for, and the date on which you expect the tenant to pay you. Because if you don’t follow up any late payments, then your tenants may just think that it’s fine that they don’t pay rent.

2. Late Work

Let’s say that you and a team of people have created this project timeline wherein everyone will need to do their parts in accordance to the dates that they need to be conducted and finished. While a majority of you have done everything you need to, you see that there’s one teammate whose deadline is fast approaching, yet he/she has barely done anything to contribute to the group. This is something that you just cannot allow to happen, so this would mean that you’re going to have to send that person a reminder about what he/she needs to do, when he/she needs to do it, and what were to happen if he/she does not do her part. You need to tactlessly tell people like these that they’re behind when it comes to the work schedule so make sure that you’re clear on that when writing the reminder note.

3. Following Up on Job Applications

There’s always a process you have to follow whenever you have to apply for a job. You make your resume, fill up a job application, send both your resume and the completed application, and then all you have to do is wait until your potential employer makes the decision as to whether or not they should consider you for an interview. The wait times for these would usually a couple of days or possibly even a week’s worth of waiting. However, there are some employers who say that they’ll contact within the next 2-3 days but do not contact applicants within the mentioned time frame. This can worry an applicant. So what you can do to remedy this is by creating and sending a reminder in regards to your job application. Remember that you’re applying for a job, so this kind of note has to be both professional and respectful in tone.

4. Late Shipments

This is a problem that’s common in just about every country. People expect that when a delivery service or a vendor promises to hand deliver their products on specific and agreed upon dates, they should actually be able to do it. But then there are still those who fail to deliver certain items on the days that people need them, creating a lot of frustrated customers. So in the event that you have a shipment that has yet to come in even after the agreed upon date between you and the vendor, then you’re going to need to let the vendor know that the delivery is late. You’ll need to this as sometimes vendors think that they’ve already delivered it to you even if they didn’t. Another possibility is that they’re out of stock but have not informed you about the situation; in which case you may be able to request for a refund for the service. You may also see concept note templates.

5. Inaction on the Part of the Recipient

Let’s say that you and a friend have a deal wherein he/she borrows an amount of money from you and you expect him/her to pay you back before a specified date; you even go as far as creating a promissory note just to make sure that this person pays you back. The date on which your friend promised to pay you the money has already gone past and you’re starting to worry as to whether or not he/she will pay you back the money. During a situation such as this, it’s best that you create a reminder note that will tell this person that he/she still owes you money and that the due date has passed. Also, once you’ve told that person of his/her inaction, you may then state the action that you would like him/her to do as soon as possible (in this case, paying you back). This doesn’t just have to be for cases when someone wants to borrow money, you can send reminder notes for any kind of inaction on behalf of another person.

6. An Important Event Approaching

Let’s say that you’re having this big party really soon and you want to remind a couple of your guests that they have to be there at a specific time so that they won’t miss out on the cool events. So what you can do is send out a reminder stating the date of the party, the place where it’s going to be held, and the time that you expect your guests to be there. Don’t leave out on any of the details and point out the importance of the event if you think that it’s necessary. Also, remember that you’re going to have to base the tone depending on who you’re writing to. If it’s for a company event and you’re sending it to your boss or your other co-workers, then you’re going to have to keep everything in a formal tone. If it’s just a gathering with a couple of your friends or family, then you can just keep the tone of the reminder as friendly as you can make it possible.

While there are other reasons as to why you would want to create a reminder note (such as one for yourself so that you won’t forget anything), the purpose for writing one will depend entirely on you. You may also see delivery note templates.

What Should be there in Your Reminder Note?

Now that you’ve learned the different reasons as to why you need to write a reminder note, the next step is to actually create one. Some say that this is a bother to make, but it won’t really take that much of your time. So here is a list of things that your reminder note should contain:

1. The Date

It’s pretty obvious that you have to put in the date on which you’re going to create the letter. It’s so that the recipient knows when this was made and the date may even tell him/her what he/she might have forgotten. You may also see advice note templates.

2. The Recipient’s Name

When you’re writing down the name of the person that you’re going to send the reminder to, make sure that there are no errors when it comes to spelling. You want to make it clear that you’re sending it to the person you intend to. You may also see sample note templates.

3. The Body

The main meat of your reminder note, this is where you’ll be placing the reason as to why you’re even making the note in the first place. When creating the body, be sure that it’s divided into these 3 parts:

  • First Sentence – This is where you start off on a positive note. You want to be as nice as possible so that your entire reminder note won’t give off the feeling of being too harsh.  If you can’t think of anything specific, state something friendly like “I hope you are doing well.” You may also like concept note templates.
  • Main Message – This is where you communicate with the recipient as to the entire reason why you’re sending the reminder note. You need to think carefully as to what you want to say so that you’ll make it clear to the recipient as to what he/she might forget or has already forgotten. You may also see sticky note templates.
  • Call to Action – Once you’ve told the recipient about the reason behind the reminder note, the next and last thing that you’re going to have to do is tell that person what you would like him/her to do. Usually, this is a request for them to perform the desired action, but then there are other reasons wherein you need the recipient to provide you with something such as a refund for a late shipment. It’s also a good idea to offer help in the body of your message, as that may just speed up the process. You may also see simple note templates.

And lastly, write down your name and provide your signature at the end of the letter along with a closing message to end it. When writing down the closing message, be sure that the tone is the same as that of the rest of the sample letter.

If you would like to learn more on how to create a reminder note or anything related to this particular topic, then all you have to do is go through our site, find the articles you need, and utilize the information you’re able to gather to help you out. You may also like doctors note templates.

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