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Homework. Studying. Exams. Research papers. These are the bane of your otherwise easier to manage academic existence or your life as a student. After all, beyond the excitement of sorority and fraternity rush, beyond the Friday night football and spring breaks is a future waiting to happen and in order for you to score a bright future, get recommendations from your college professors for the best internship and job opportunities, you need to be a student, and a good one at that. It doesn’t take getting straight.

As for everything just to be a good student. You just have to make sure that you’re learning. For what’s the point of being a student if there’s so much you’re not learning and if you have so much to catch up on your classes in terms of retention of what the professor had tried to teach. Yes, teach. They’re limited to teaching. You may also see case note templates.

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Thermodynamics Notes Template

thermodynamics notes template 788x1020

Simple Study Notes

simple study notes 788x

Mathematics Lecture Notes Template

mathematics lecture notes template 788x1020

On Notes and Its Relevance to Learning

Learning is up to you. You either learn or you don’t. There are no buts or maybes about learning because as a student with the system or your parents paying for your education, it’s your job to learn all that you can in school. But sometimes, it’s not that easy. Some people learn fast, by just listening to lectures. You may also see Cornell notes templates.

Remembering specifics, like names, dates, equations, formula, and so on, is a different story altogether. Without something to come back to, when you need to check and verify if what you remember off the top of your head is accurate or correct, so you have to write it down. Sounds too traditional in the age of MacBooks and iPhones that can store lectures? Maybe. But is handwritten notes still effective academically? For sure. You may also see advice note templates.

Sample Study Lecture Notes

sample study lecture notes 788x1020

Why Writing Notes is Still A Thing

Taking down notes is a proven strategy to help you, whether you’re studying or working, but it’s especially helpful in studying. Too many times, students try to record information during a lecture or take pictures of a copy of a professor’s lecture or presentation, in short, the easy, shorthand methods, so that they can choose, pick and cut parts of the lecture later on that they consider unnecessary to retain. However, no matter what it is that students try in notes-taking or lecture-recording, most of it will have some implications sooner or later to their performance, achievement, or lack thereof. You may also see printable Cornell notes templates.

1. It’s a worthy student challenge

These days, students can be pretty demanding in asking their teachers for a copy of their PowerPoint presentations, the reading material they got the day’s lecture from, or the lecture notes itself, as well as other content related to the discussion and their teachers and professors easily yield to this requests.

This response is sure to be paved with good intentions for their students to easily have something for reference and support their study habits. But the problem is just that – it’s too easy because it encourages laziness and they’re low on note-taking and retention skills. There has to be some other option than just spoon-feeding them with notes, even if you want to see them succeed. You may also see Cornell notes.

2. Having a useful guide

Notes serve as are your guides. Just try jotting down main phrases in say, a literature class, or make outlines, if you’re more comfortable with outlines ad if you think it will help you study better, whatever way you choose your notes will be indispensable to your studies. It doesn’t mean you have to write everything down. You just have to take note of key information during lessons. As a college or high school student, it’s safe to assume which part of the lectures you need to remember, even though you have to grasp the whole concept of what the discussion was about.

3. Notes-taking equals better retention

Research has it, that if the important information in class or at work was stored and done through notes, it had more than 30 percent chance to be remembered. On the other hand, information that can’t be found in notes would only have a five percent chance. It is extremely important to take notes, simply because you will not retain all the information mentally and we usually remember the things we have written down. You may also see free Cornell notes.

Furthermore, as you are taking the notes, you are reinforcing the information to your memory. Problem? A lot of paper accumulates, you tend to keep everything, causing clutter, and instead of helping, that’s just going to cause a lot of confusion. Throw away whatever you no longer need. You may also see meeting note templates.

4. It helps you learn better

For many people, having written notes is a skill useful in so many fields and provides a good foundation for learning when studying. Although there are alternatives such as voice recording, watching videos etc, writing with your hand is an imprinting exercise, physically reinforcing the material and helping you to keep your focus. It’s also faster to review with them than the other methods that some students use. For research and studying, making notes is a more specific way of summarizing, reviewing, having reference and creating familiarity with your courses or topics. You may also see note templates.

5. You need to learn note-taking as a basic skill in life

We go through life with the basic skills we often learn in school, and one of those is the ability to take information and make it your own by taking the time for restructuring and presenting it in a way which others would understand. That’s also how you transcribe information from research. If you don’t acquire that skill in your classroom or have a weak version of it and if you never even try to take notes, when would you ever develop it? With the availability of lecture summaries from PowerPoints they have asked from their professors, students get to have some really good notes to rely on but they’re skipping the actual process of writing it for themselves, thereby making it so easily forgotten or neglected. You may also see release note templates.

Writing down notes seems to be a given and easy enough to do. After all, we’ve been doing this since kindergarten. It shouldn’t be too hard to write the most important part of the day’s lessons. Or, is it? Probably because students tend to think it’s just a total waste of time. But your notes will save you when you’re cramming for tomorrow’s exams if you learn how to write them efficiently. You’ll also be able to save a lot of study time if you just consider trying a few tricks into notes-taking. You may also see school cornell notes.

6. Write While the Lecture is Fresh

A lot of times some students prefer to type the notes from the lecture and print them out for clarity and for easier reference while there are others who transcribe the most important details to other devices for tacking and keeping record of the lessons, but whichever mode of review you think is more useful and you’re more comfortable with. You may also see progress note templates.

The most important thing is that you’ll be able to go over your notes while the discussion is still fresh in your mind, and while you can still remember the teacher’s lecture. It would be easier to answer the questions that had somehow nagged you before you completely forget about them. Without your notes, you won’t even know what questions to ask or what part of the lecture you found confusing. You may also see sample soap notes.

7. Use an organizational system

Your notes need to be organized for them to be understandable and effective. Most people use an outline, jotting down information by order of importance or based on how they were presented in the discussion, but you can use other symbols like stars or bullets. It doesn’t have to be Roman numerals or the alphabets just to keep them clean rather than risking looking at a scattered mumbo jumbo later on when you need to go over them. You may also see credit note templates.

8. Listen for importance

Not all of what your teacher said is relevant but a majority of it needs to be retained. The challenge is in identifying which ones to include and which part of her lecture can be left out. Pay attention for importance and keep your ears open by keeping tabs of dates, names, vocabulary, ideas, and her explanation of concepts. If she’s writing down on the white or blackboard, it means she wants you to remember and know it. If she keeps on talking about it for a good amount of time during the class, chances are high that she’s gonna grill you a lot for recitation or a quiz. You may also see sample delivery notes.

Making Study Notes Template

making study notes template 788x1020

Lecture Notes Template

lecture notes template 788x1020

Sample Study Notes

sample study notes 788x1020

Even if you have a photographic memory or even if you trust yourself to remember most of what the teacher has said, you simply can’t have every vital information stored in your mind, especially the concepts that your classes have covered because nobody can do that. But something can, and that’s taking notes for you to study later on. You may also see thank you notes.

Nothing beats a permanent record, written down in ink that you can refer back to when preparing for an upcoming test or writing an academic paper like research or essays. Contrary to popular opinion, note-taking isn’t gone for good, it’s simply revolutionized, and while for some people it’s an obsolete way of keeping information, it’s significance, especially in the academe remain to be relentless.

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