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How to Make a Doctor’s Note in Word [10+ Templates to Download]

It is entirely possible for one to miss work or school due to medical concerns. Should that be the case, the person who was sidelined due to medical-related issues will need to present a doctor’s note upon return. This article will teach you all that you need to know in order for you to make one.

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Steps for Creating a Doctor’s Note in Word

Step 1: Provide Information on the Company

It is very important that information about the company responsible for providing the medical services is placed in the doctors note. Other than the company’s name and logo design, other information such as its address and contact details may be included. Do not forget to include this as this alone can be used to verify as to whether or not the note is fake.

Step 2: Provide the Information of the Doctor

The person who will be going through the note will definitely want to learn about the doctor that issued it. This is where you will need to place the complete name of the doctor, as well as any other needed information such contact details. Make sure not to misspell the name as that could potentially lead to problems.

Step 3: Provide Information on the Patient

Once you are done pointing out the doctor’s information, then next would be to share that of the patient’s. All you have to do here is to provide the patient’s complete name. Do not forget to include this is very important in the event that someone may need to confirm the identity of the patient under the doctor’s care.

Step 4: Explain the Reason of Absence and Other Details

Next is where you get to point out the exact reason as to why the person mentioned in the note had to become a patient. Be sure that explanation you are going to provide is clear and that you include any important details such as restrictions that need to be placed on the patient, or when he/she may return.

Step 5: Have the Doctor’s Signature on the Note

To truly make the doctor’s excuse note official, it will need the signature of the doctor that is responsible for its creation. The point of having it on the note is for confirmation purposes. So what this means is that if one wishes to verify as to whether or not the note is fake, one can use the signature provided to help out with that.

10+ Doctor Note Templates

1. Blank Doctor Note Template


If you ever need a blank note where a doctor can point out any medical issues you may have, then this the template you’ll need. Once you have it, all you have to do next is to know exactly what the doctor should put in it so that you can officially come back to work, school, or whatever you need to participate in.

2. Children’s Clinic Doctors Note Template


There will come a time where a child may need to be excused from school due to medical or health-related concerns. In the event that it happens, the doctor must be able to provide a note which will excuse the child from any absences he/she may have incurred. Use this template to help you make such a document.

3. Doctor Excuse Note Sample


If a student were to miss school for a number of days or if an employee had to miss work due to medical concerns, then either will need a note which allows them to come back without suffering major consequences. This doctor’s excuse note template will help make the exact type of document that’s needed for the situation.

4. Doctor’s Note Sample for School Absence


It’s common for students to not attend class, but there are some who have no choice but to do so due to medical-related reasons. With this template, the doctor will be able to make a note which ensures that the child is excused from all absences while being under his/her care.

5. Sample Doctor Note Template


If you would like to make a doctors note, then this is the template that you are going to need. It is important for you to know that you can use Microsoft Word or Apple Pages to access the template and that once you open it, you may then proceed to make whatever changes until it contains the right information.

6. Simple Doctor Note Template


There are doctors who may not have the time to come up with a note for their patient. To remedy that, this template will allow one to easily make a doctors note in the easiest and quickest way possible. Just make sure that you put in all the information that will excuse the patient for any absences that he/she may have incurred.

7. Doctors Note Template for Work


In the event that an employee is not able to take a leave of absence on time due to medical-related reasons, then he/she will need a note to properly excuse those absences. This template ensures that the doctor can create a note that an employee will need to come back to work without any issues.

8. Minute Clinic Doctors Note Template


In the event that you would like to come up with a doctors note for a minute clinic, then it is in your best interest to download and use this template. Know that you can make it in different formats such as Word and PDF. Also, it’s ready for you to customize in whatever way you wish.

9. Return to Work Doctors Note Template


Employees who are returning to work after being patients in a medical facility will need a note which states that they are ready to do so. With this template, the doctor can help create such a note and it should be able to explain all the details regarding the employee’s medical issue.

10. Doctor Medical Excuse Note


It’s not uncommon for people to make absences due to medical-related reasons. However, they still need to provide proof that the reasons for absence were indeed due to medical concerns. So in the event that you have to provide one for a patient, then use this template to make a proper doctor’s medical excuse note.

11. Sample Doctors Absence Excuse Note


One of the best ways of making a doctor’s note is to make it as simple as possible. So if you’re looking to doing that, then this is the template for you. Know that even a simple doctor’s note can be officially used to excuse absences so long as it has all of the information it needs to do so.

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