Different Types of Professional Warning Letters

One of the common reasons why an HR manager or a department head writes a professional warning letter is to inform a member(s) of the organization or department who has violated any codes of the company policy. Aside from stating the violations made, the department manager or supervisor can also state the possible consequences that come when the recipient of the letter continues to ignore or neglect the warning given to him or her.

This article will discuss everything you need to know about a professional warning letter.

What’s in a Warning Letter

Before we discuss the basic elements of a professional warning letter, it is important that we should agree and be on the same page when it comes to its definition. A warning letter is a document that is addressed to a person that has violated either a contract or certain rules and regulations set by the organization. It usually gives a detailed statement of the terms and condition that are violated and sometimes, it also includes the possible consequences that may come when the person continues to disregard the terms. When no improvement is made, the legal contract between the two parties is terminated.

Types of a Professional Warning Letter

There are different types of warning letters that you can write. No matter what type of warning letter you are writing, it should always focus on its main purpose and that is to notify the addressee the need to correct the issue by providing him or her with corrective actions and a time frame to resolve the issue.

Employee Warning Letter – This type of warning letter is used to discuss performance and unethical conduct issues committed by the employee. It is usually given after issuing a verbal warning to the erring employee. When writing an employee warning letter, you should briefly explain the offense by stating the specific actions or behavior that is against the terms and conditions that are set in the employment contract. The letter should also include possible consequences, such as suspension or contract termination should the employee fails to resolve the issue or follow the corrective action plan set by the company. Usually, contract termination happens when the erring employee receives the final warning letter. Here are the different types of employee warning letters:

Safety Warning Letter – It is always a must for all employers to ensure the safety of their employees working in their organization. When a company fails to adhere to the safety rules, then they may be putting the safety of their people at risk. When the safety agency has proven that the company has failed to follow the safety rules, they will have to issue a safety warning letter to the company. Here are the different types of safety warning letter

Tenant Warning Letter – A tenant warning letter is usually issued by the landlord to the tenant who has broken the terms and conditions stated in the rental agreement. Some of the common violations that are as follows:

Sample Professional Warning Letter Templates that You Can Download and Use for References

Model Warning Letter

model-warning-letter ftc.gov

Construction Safety Warning Letter Template

construction-safety-warning-letter-template uc.edu

Warning Letter for Contract Noncompliance

performance-deficiency-warning-letter-for-non-compliance-sk fdot.gov

Late Warning Letter Format

warning-letter-to-tenant-for-late-payment-1 ncat.edu

Warning Letter for Attendance

written-warning-attendance personnel.wv.gov

Written Warning Letter

written_warning1 tn.gov

Example Warning Letter

warning-letter-template-pdf idahofallsidaho.gov

Warning Letter on Violent, Threats, and Disruptive Behavior

warning-letter-on-violent-threats-and-disruptive-behavior blm.gov

Warning Letter for First Offender

bulletin-fraud10-19-firstoffenders insurance.maryland.gov

Misuse of Account Warning Letter

inappcarduse doa.alaska.gov

Warning Letter for Professional Misconduct

warning-letter-for-professional-misconduct-2 ucdavis.edu

Aside from these given templates, you may also want to check out our collection of HR warning letter templates and disciplinary warning letter templates for more choices. They are all available for free download and can be easily edited to match your personal purpose.