40 Free Powerpoint Backgrounds

After making new softwares, software companies and developers need to present them in an impressive and interesting manner. For this they use PowerPoint backgrounds. PowerPoint backgrounds are easily customizable and serve as powerful tools for software designers for presentation purpose. PowerPoint backgrounds come in simple as well as complex colors and designs. They also come in diagram based as well as abstract forms. PowerPoint backgrounds help to give a professional look to a software presentation. Powerpoint is the world’s most used presentation making software. Powerpoint backgrounds are really powerful tools while making a presentation and they can be customized depending upon the type of presentation that is being made. Nowadays you can choose from millions of backgrounds that are available on the internet- from single colored to multi colored, from simple to complex, from diagram based to abstract, from amateur to professional.

Business Powerpoint Background

business backgrounds

Business PowerPoint backgrounds are PowerPoint backgrounds that come with good quality. They are often used for making measurement strategy related presentations. They are a very good choice for highly professional companies.

Beautiful PowerPoint Background

powerpont background

Just as the name says, the beautiful PowerPoint backgrounds have a very lovely and beautiful look. They give the presentation of software, a fashionable and trendy look and feel.

Shepherd Sermon Powerpoint Template

shepherd sermon powerpoint template

The shepherd sermon PowerPoint background has a mild and soothing effect on a person’s mind and soul. It comes with images of lambs with amazing and meaningful quotations beside them.

Powerpoint Background

powerpoint background 2

Word Powerpoint Sermon Template

word powerpoint sermon template

The word PowerPoint sermon background has a light blue colored background image with white diagonal stripes on it. It can be customized as per the need of the company or designer.

PPT Background

ppt background

Powerpoint Background

powerpoint background 3

Powerpoint Background

powerpoint background 4

Powerpoint Background

powerpoint background 5

Abstract Background Powerpoint Template

abstract background powerpoint template

Abstract Blue Wavy Powerpoint Background

abstract blue wavy background

The abstract blue wavy PowerPoint background has a professional look and feel and has blue and white wavy patterns placed diagonally on a blue and white shaded gradient background image.

PPT Background

ppt background 2

Powerpoint Background

powerpoint background 6

Pointing Fingers Church Powerpoint Template

pointing fingers church powerpoint template

This unique looking PowerPoint background comes with the vector art of two different colored hands with pointed finger towards each other and a quotation from the church in between them.

Powerpoint Background

powerpoint background 7

White and Green PowerPoint Background

green wave abstract background

The white and green PowerPoint background has a lovely look and comes in high quality and high resolution. It has a white background image with shades of green leaves at the top.

Autumn Powerpoint Template

autumn powerpoint template

Floral Border Frame

floral border frame

Black Border Template

black border template

The black border PowerPoint background comes with bold and big black dots and thin black lines placed on an empty white background image. It has a professional look and design.

Black & Gold Wood Powerpoint Background

black and gold wood background

Reborn Powerpoint Template

reborn powerpoint template

Yellow Paper PPT Background


Purple Flowers Border

purple flowers border

Powerpoint Presentation Template

powerpoint presentation template

Powerpoint Background

powerpoint background 8

Powerpoint Background

powerpoint background 9

Salvation Church Powerpoint

salvation church powerpoint

Powerpoint Template Yellow

powerpoint templates yellow

Balloon Border Background

balloon border background

School Powerpoint Template

school powerpoint template

Welcome Powerpoint

welcome powerpoint

Abstract Wave Pattern Curves

abstract wave pattern curves background

Water Drop

water drop

Powerpoint Background

powerpoint background

No Record Of Wrongs PowerPoint

no record of wrongs powerpoint

Vacation Bible School Powerpoint

vacation bible school powerpoint

Scroll Download Background

scroll download background

Abstract Beige Sun Rays Download Background

abstract beige sun rays download background

Blue Sky Nature Backgrounds For PowerPoint Template

blue sky nature backgrounds for powerpoint template

The blue sky PowerPoint background has designs of beautiful shiny blue colored stars of different sizes with white outlines around them placed on a beautiful royal blue colored background image.

South Park Border Background

south park border background

PowerPoint backgrounds add a color of professionalism to the presentations made by a company. PowerPoint backgrounds come in different file formats and can be used by the user again and again. If you have any DMCA issues on this post, please contact us!

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