9+ Wedding Invitation Card Templates – PNG, EPS

A template is a file that serves as a starting point for a new document. This can either come with a program or created by the user. Once a template is completed, the user can edit, save, and manage the outcome as a normal word processing document. Word processing templates enable the ability to avoid the first setup and composition time needed to make a standardized document such as a resume.

Templates can really make our lives easier, especially when it comes to creating preformatted documents. So we’ve come up with an idea to create wedding invitation Card Templates that you will surely love. If you are planning to create one, don’t stress yourself—we’ve got you covered.

Royal Wedding Invitation Card



Blank Wedding Invitation Card



Garden Wedding Invitation Card



Vintage Wedding Invitation Card



A Sacred Tradition

Weddings Invitation Card Template are one of the most memorable and exciting moments in every couple’s lives, exchanging vows together, joined as one legally. But what do we know more about weddings apart from it being a sacred ceremony?

A wedding is a ceremony where two couples are united in marriage. It is a tradition and custom that varies greatly between ethnicities, religions, countries, and social ranks. Wedding ceremonies mostly involve an exchange of vows by the couple, presenting gifts (such as rings, flowers, symbolic objects, money), and an announcement of marriage by a priest or an authority figure.

Usual Western wedding custom, or what they called as the white Wedding Card Template, has been adopted by some civilizations. It is where a bride wears a white gown or dress and a white veil. This tradition was famous due to the popular Queen Victoria’s marriage. Others say that the queen’s preference of a white gown may have simply been a symbol of extravagance, yet it may also have been most influenced by the values she held, which indicate sexual purity.

Wedding Anniversary Invitation Card



Wedding Ceremony Invitation Card



Wedding Party Invitation Card



DIY Wedding Invitation Card



Wedding Dinner Invitation Card



The Celebration Continues

Ceremony Invitation Cards like weddings are usually continued by wedding receptions or wedding meals in which the custom may include expressions from the groom or bride’s father, best man, and, highly likely, the bride herself; the newlyweds will then have their first dance together as a couple; and the cutting of the cake.

Since we are talking about wedding events, if you and your partner are planning for your wedding, you already have all the needed things prepared. However, if you can’t decide as to which designs you need for your wedding invitations that suit your taste, then worry no more. We’ve got you covered. We have the best designs for your Postcard Wedding Invitation cards, and you will appreciate them for sure.

A Great Deal!

There are 9 selections for you to choose, and each comes with elegant and gorgeous designs. They all come in with great image quality for that detailed and clear layout. Colors are classic and sweet at the same time, truly befitting any wedding ceremony. So what are you waiting for? Make your weddings more unforgettable with these wedding invitations. Go ahead and select the ones you like the most. Share this page with someone who also wants their wedding event to be more meaningful. With our wedding invitation cards and Wedding Thank-You Cards, weddings will be more meaningful.

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