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14+ Marketing Book Cover Designs & Templates – PSD, AI

One of the most direct ways to market a book is through its cover design. However, this can be especially tricky if you are marketing a book about marketing. A potential reader will be aware of the book’s genre and may become extra critical of the book cover itself. So if you are a marketer who is writing your first non-fiction book on marketing, you need to pay close attention to the book cover design you choose for your book.

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In this article, we provide multiple examples of marketing book cover templates that any writer or marketer may use for the marketing tome they want to publish. Comprehensive information on how to select a book cover template design will also be shared below.

Take a Look at These Printable Marketing Book Cover Templates

Right after this brief introduction, you will begin seeing embedded photos and download links for different marketing book cover template designs. Feel free to browse and click on these photos until you find the best book cover design for your own marketing book. Also, do not forget to have a compatible software program installed on your computer since these printables are often available as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator template files.

Blank Marketing Book Cover Template

Business and Marketing Book Cover Template

Marketing Book Cover Template Bundle

What To Look For in a Marketing Book Cover Design

In traditional publishing, choosing book cover designs is a task that requires specialized skill – something that writers and authors do not have much control in. However, if you are self-publishing, this task will most likely fall on you (the writer) unless you hire someone else to do that specific task. But where is the challenge in that, you may ask yourself?

So in the spirit of keeping yourself challenged without getting you unnecessarily stressed out, we have listed a few things that most cover designs of marketing books should have. Take a look at this short list and check if your own book incorporates it or not. You may also see wattpad book cover templates.

  • Clear, bold typography for the book title
  • Legible author name
  • A topic-relevant background image
  • A good color scheme
  • Publisher name or logo design on the book’s spine
  • Relevant author blurbs
  • Summary or key information discussed in the book (usually written at the back)
  • Brief author’s bio (written at the back)
  • Fonts in the same typeface family

So those are the most basic graphic design elements that anyone wanting to design and/or create their own marketing book covers should make sure to incorporate. Note that all of these elements may be present in your own book cover design. Trust your instinct and do what feels right and what personally appeals to you.

Colorful Marketing Book Cover Template

Creative Marketing Book Cover Template

Customizable Marketing Book Cover Template

Editable Marketing Book Cover Template

How to Choose a Marketing Book Cover Template

Using printable cover templates for your book can be a very cost-efficient and time-saving strategy when it comes to choosing a cover design for any kind of book. So if you are interested in making sure that your marketing books get the best and most appropriate cover design, you should be hands-on in the book cover template selection process.

Listed below are various factors that any marketer should ponder on before he or she finally chooses a book cover design. Read them carefully and make sure to incorporate them into your book cover selection and decision-making process.

1. What is Your Marketing Book All About?

When choosing a book cover design, it is very important to have the cover design relate to what your book is all about. So if you are publishing a book about business and marketing, it only makes sense to choose a book cover image depicting marketing strategies, trends, or any symbolism about marketing.

This is an important factor to consider prior to purchasing a book cover template since your book cover design is the first thing that any potential reader will see. As cliche as it may sound, people really tend to judge a book by its cover. So by choosing an appropriate and relevant book cover design, you are saving yourself from low book sales and potential embarrassment due to a lackluster cover design. You may also see thriller book cover templates.

2. Does the Book Cover Template Come With Flexible Customization Options?

The template’s customization options are the second factor to consider when choosing a marketing book cover template. For those who are self-publishing their own marketing books, it is important to consider this factor since you will be the one to edit your purchased book cover template. So if you want to make many changes on the template design, text, or background colors and images, you will need to choose a template that will allow you to freely edit.

By asking yourself this question, you will know beforehand if you will be using printable Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop templates or if you will just be looking for a template that offers minimal editing options like DOC or PDF templates. Choose the former if you think you will want to make many edits to an existing template and choose the latter if you want to preserve the current template design and you do not need to make many changes. (Scroll down for the second part of this template selection guide.)

Elegant Marketing Book Cover Template

Geometric Style Marketing Book Cover Template

Minimalist Marketing Book Cover Template

Modern Customizable Marketing Book Cover Template

How to Choose a Marketing Book Cover Template (Part Two)

Read on for more tips and factors to consider prior to purchasing a marketing book cover template…

3. How Much is Your Publishing Budget?

Unlike in traditional publishing where an author or writer does not need to fork out his or her own money for publishing a book, self-publishing will require writers to have a publishing budget plan. So if you are self-publishing your marketing book, you need to carefully study and factor in the cost of buying a book cover template and the cost of printing it. When you add up all these, this can be a huge amount. You may also see love book cover templates.

So before you buy that professional book cover template, make sure that you know what you are getting into and that you have enough money to pay for it. As a workaround, you may resort to using print on demand publishing services where you will only get to pay for your book’s printing after a person orders and pays for it. Look into this option if you do not think you can shoulder all the printing expenses associated with self-publishing.

Also, check out this article for more tips on how to make a budget plan.

4. Do You Know How to Edit?

Another important factor to consider before you decide to buy a marketing book cover template is your own editing and graphic design knowledge and skill level. Remember that when you use pre-made printable templates, you will need to know how to use these templates so that you can correctly edit and print them out.

By assessing your graphic design skill level first, you can take steps to learn how through Photoshop and Illustrator tutorials online if you do not yet know how to use them. Or, you may just altogether delegate the task to another person if you think you do not have time to edit the template yourself or to study these tutorials yourself.

5. How Much Time Do You Have?

No, we are not talking about non-personhood. This next factor is about the amount of time you need before you are required to submit a cover design template for your marketing book. Whether you are publishing traditionally or following the self-publishing route, you will need to create and/or follow a publishing schedule. Developing a book cover design ahead of the actual publication date is important because this cover design will be used in various online bookshops and in developing advanced reader copies (ARCs) of your book. You may also see birthday photo book cover template.

So, before you purchase that book cover mockup design template, carefully assess if you still have time to edit and make changes to the book cover template. And if you determine that you do not have that much time until you need to submit the book cover design, then perhaps it is better to ask another more skilled person to edit the templates or you can also go with a book cover template that requires little editing.

And there you have it! Those are the top five factors to consider before you purchase your own marketing book cover template design. Use this knowledge well and apply it religiously whenever you need to choose a book cover template design. You may also see free floral photo book cover template.

Photorealistic Marketing Book Cover Template

Professional Book Cover Template Pack

Sky Blue Marketing Book Cover Template

Typography Marketing Book Cover Template

Do You Now Have a Book Cover Template Design in Mind?

This article list is certainly a rich source of marketing book cover template examples and tip on how to pick out a good book cover template. Whatever you learn here, use it to improve your self-publishing skills so that when it is time for you to publish your next book, you will know what to do. You may also see free non-fiction book cover template.

For information on how to build sustainable marketing strategies for your book and for your business, check out the linked article. And, do not forget to share this article with your social media friends and followers!

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