21+ Examples of Science Fiction Book Cover Designs

“Don’t judge a book by its cover”. But at the same time, you can not completely ignore the cover. Especially when the book is about science fiction. These sci-fi Book Cover Templates allured with Science Fiction Fonts hunt and exhibit thoughtful labels. You can use them for highly commercialised books as well. They are deep from the (he)art of imagination where stars grow and galaxies sow. They resemble the popular model generation x. A travel in the outer cosmos. However, this space travel surely leaves an impact on you. From the skull designs to mystic faces, they are all there that surprises you.

sci fic book cover design

Free Fiction Book Cover

free fiction book cover

Fiction Photo Book Cover

fiction photo book coverFree Download

Non-fiction Book Cover

free non fiction book cover

Horror Stories Book Cover Design

horror stories book cover design 788x1210

A trademark symbol for ghost stories! The skull design that alarms the late night tales of evil. Are you writing about walking and playing dead? Then be brave enough to keep this front.

We Who Are About To Book Cover

we who are about to book cover 788x1210

Whether you agree with or not, the book cover does matter most for a book to be sold out. This pre-made book cover helps with its part in the book success. You can design one on the same lines.

The World in Winter Sci Fi Book Cover

the world in winter sci fi book cover 788x1210

It’s proven fact that certain points in our palms have magical powers that can cure mental and physical stress in no time. This Book Cover envisages some sort of such magical powers.

War for the Oaks

war for the oaks 788x1210

This is another logical design with green leaves and a shallow gutter kind of way. The artist designs the image in such a way that it ignites the interest while not revealing anything about the plot. One knack found!

True Names Book Cover Design

true names book cover design 788x1210

This Book Cover tries to throw some vague idea about the human brain. If you want to know why, you need to flip through the pages. This Book cover successfully covers its part. Doesn’t it?

The Knife of Never Letting Go

the knife of never letting go1 788x90

Desiging a book cover is never so easy. It should be matching the concept and at the same time, it should not tell it all. Here, a girl with a suspicious face expression, wants to share some secret with us. However, one needs to turn the pages to know further.

The Ask and The Answer

the ask and the answer 788x90

The title perfectly matches the image. But what about the theme? At times, you need not go with fictious themes, as even the simple images will do the job.

Monsters of Men

monsters of men 788x90

The age of devil is on. Show the world this proof. The Book Cover raises the curtain for a new zombie world in front of your eyes. It drives you nuts!

Sing Down the Stars

sing down the stars 788x

The Golden Apples of The Sun

the golden apples of the sun 788x

Out of The Silent Planet

out of the silent planet1 788x

Jouney to The Centre of The Earth

jouney to the centre of the earth 788x

Vintage Future Illustration Planet

vintage future illustration planet1 788x10

Heavy Metal Thunder Hunter

heavy metal thunder hunter1 788x

Book Cover of Acadia

book cover of acadia1 788x10

Book Cover of Aliens Bride

book cover of aliens bride 788x

Para Digital Art

para digital art2 788x690

American Advertising Federation

american advertising federation 788x1050

Actual Book Cover by GreyHues

actual book cover by greyhues 788x630

The Heir to The Stone

the heir to the stone 788x

Rise to Vilon by R.Ramaar Richards

rise to vilon by r

On a whole, these Sci-fi Book covers gives a promisory tour ahead with the books. After all, first impression do matter. Also the collection gives a hint about endless possibilities that you can experiment with the celestial track. They comes with predictably unpredictable designs. You can use them for all sci-fi related works.

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