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7+ Food Book Cover Designs & Templates – PSD, AI

There are two kinds of people who enjoy reading food books: experts who still need some sort of reference, and regular people who simply enjoy cooking and would like to learn new recipes. For the experts, even though they are already skilled in what they do, they still refer to food or recipe books to gather techniques or easier methods on how to make certain dishes. For those who are still learning, it is already pretty self-explanatory as to why they will need to read recipe books.

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Just like any other book, the front cover should already be able to provide people with an idea of what to expect from the inner pages. In this case, since these books are all about food and beverages, people should already know what recipes to expect just from the cover alone. Some cover designs here are downloadable, while some are also for inspiration only. Whichever one you want to use for your food book, we have them here for you. Now don’t waste any more time, check out the book cover designs below.

Cook Food Book Cover Template

Egg Shell Food Book Cover Template

Been wanting to teach people how to cook exquisite dishes by writing a cookbook? Now you can even make you cover as artistic as you want by using this simplistic cookbook cover design. It just proves that it’s not necessary to use a lot of elements for a design to look stunning, what’s important is that the elements of a design should be well composed.

Choco Cake Book Cover Template

Now, who doesn’t love chocolate? It’s not just sweet and delicious, but it’s also considered as a food for the mood. Chocolate actually contains a lot of chemicals that help in boosting people’s moods. One of which is the chemical phenylethylamine, which is referred to as the “love drug”, because it makes people feel emotions similar to that when they are in love. Other neurotransmitters present in chocolate include serotonin and anandamide, which basically enhance moods and help people get a sense of intense well-being. Enough of that, the template/mockup above is already enough to lift people’s mood, which is why if you are into baking cakes, then this template/mockup would be a very good choice. You may also see sample magazine cover templates.

Italian Delicacies Food Book Cover Template

If you’re into pizza, pasta, and other Italian dishes, and you enjoy making them, then the book cover template above may be what you need for your recipe book. This book cover design makes use of a lot of white space, and simply makes use of rounded thumbnails for the images of the dishes. Let the world know how satisfying Italian food is, which is why many people love it so much.

Honey, blueberries, almonds – these are just a few of the healthiest food on the planet, and this is absolutely good for those who are health conscious. If you want to promote good health to people by making a book on what people should and should not eat, then the vintage book cover design above may be what you need.

Tasty Food Book Cover Template

If you like beans and lots of them, then you will probably love Mexican cuisine. If you do indeed, and you enjoy cooking them, then why not share that passion with others? You may want to write a book on how to prepare Mexican dishes, and in a rather healthier way. If you’re looking for an appropriate book cover for your Mexican recipe book, then you may either download the cookbook template above or simply use it as your inspiration.

Mouthwatering Recipes Food Book Cover Template

A minimalist theme may be the best one for you since we already know that simplicity is key to being the best, and it is also very easy to pull off. Which is why if you want something that will keep you from getting a hard time, then you may want to consider downloading this template. Additionally, this template can be edited using Photoshop, InDesign, Word, or Publisher.

The extremely health conscious people usually refer to recipes that only consist of fruits and vegetables. For some, they enjoy mixing these up, and some would even prefer to drink them instead of eating them. For this to be possible, they would either turn their fruits and veggies into juice by using a juicer, or they may want to make them into a smoothie by using a blender. You may also see cover page templates.

Either way, none of the nutrients from the food are lost, and it only helps in making the food more appealing even to children. If you’re planning to write a book on different fruit and vegetable smoothie recipes, then why not use the cover template above for your book? The colors and the overall presentation of the smoothies make them very mouthwatering. You may also see free professional book cover templates.

Dark Themed Catalog Cookbook Cover Template

If you’re looking for something more elegant and perfect for hardbound covers, then the design/template above may be the best one for you. This template can be edited using different programs which include Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Publisher. If you have at least one of these installed on your system, then go ahead and download this book cover template.

Were you able to find what you need for your own cooking/recipe/food book? Allow us to explain why you should use the ones from our website. Our designs are not only the best but we actually gathered them from among the most exceptional ones that we have found all over the internet. Aside from that, we also know that these designs were created by professional graphic artists, and that is already enough to guarantee us that these book cover designs are high quality. You may also see album cover templates.

But there’s more, for those who prefer to download templates for their book covers, then the ones here on our site are very easy to access and download, and you don’t even need to spend a lot for them. We guarantee high quality, low-cost templates so that even those on a budget can provide outstanding covers for their books. Lastly, these beautiful book cover templates are also very easy to edit and are able to preserve their quality even after undergoing a lot of major changes. With all that said, why would you want to go someplace else? Go work on your book cover now.

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