Basketball is one of the most fun and popular sports out there! Enjoyed by both young and older players, this game is highly accessible to just pick up and start playing, especially in urban settings. But, despite that, basketball-related achievements are still quite impressive and deserve due appreciation. So, if you need help with making a professional reward, then look no further than our easily editable Basketball Certificate Templates! Instantly download our 100% customizable samples for Apple Pages, making them very convenient for your editing needs on macOS. Go ahead and download today--give recognition to training, participation, and more with our original certificate templates!

How to Make a Basketball Certificate in Apple Pages

Whether it’s for winning 1st place in a tournament or completing a training course, certificates are a very classy medium for rewarding someone’s hard work in basketball. After all, as described by Merriam-Webster (a long-running information resource), certificates are considered official documents for highlighting someone’s achievements.

If you’re ready to start putting together an award for a basketball team or player, then consider reading our tips (below) on making the most out of your design using Apple Pages!

1. Set up the Basketball Certificate’s General Layout

Begin by preparing your certificate’s base body. Open up a new blank file in Apple Pages and access the Document tab (found in the app’s top-right section). In the menu, turn off Document Body, making your objects easier to arrange later on.

Next, set the Page Orientation to landscape format’ however, portrait orientation is also viable if preferred. And, as for the size, 8.5 x 11 inches is the most ideal measurement for a certificate.

2. Add a Background and Border

When creating a basketball certificate, it’s imperative that you enhance its appeal with expertly made border and background designs. When preparing these, maintain a professional flair by using graphics that have minimal colors yet sleek in design--perfect for sports-themed awards!

After adding these elements to your document, make sure that you turn off their text wrapping by going to Arrange > Text Wrap.

3. Include Themed Images in Your Basketball Certificate

Another aspect of your certificate’s visuals is thematic imagery. For a basketball-oriented award, go with pictures and artwork that portray things like sports equipment, team logos, etc.

Once you add these objects, sort out their layering by using the Front and Back buttons found under Arrange. For resizing, click-drag the handles found on each image’s sides and corners. And, click-drag the image itself for repositioning.

4. The Basketball Certificate’s Text

Besides your certificate’s graphics and images, there’s also the matter of font. Use colors and styles that complement the basketball certificate’s overall aesthetics. Even font size plays a role here, using different choices that each goes well with particular sections.

So, after reading through our handy tips, you’re now ready to create a certificate design for basketball and more! And, if you want a little more help, then have a gander at our professional Basketball Certificate Templates!

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