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How to Make a Graphic in Apple Pages?

With so much available design on the internet, it would be easier for you to make one for yourself. Learning how to make design graphics can be tedious sometimes but do not panic as we are here! We are here to tell you that there is nothing to fear! It may be intimidating with all these applications, but Apple Pages will help you with its user-friendly feature. Let's take a look at these tips that you can consider in making graphics in Apple Pages.

1. Find Reliable Information for Graphics

To know the background of making a graphic, do thorough research about it. Not all you find on the internet is reliable and so make an investigation about it. You can research about the website or the company handling it. The word-by-word information provided online would be a significant factor to start your graphics. You cannot start something without knowing it in the first place.

2. Gather Essential Data from Design Theory

Graphic design is a form of art. You need to study the essence of the design theory to understand it fully. You need to obey the rules for an excellent design for a beautiful presentation and how the rules exist. Know the principles as to why things work the way they do. You would regret jumping into other editing programs without the knowledge of the policies. Take your time and embody the theory and concepts of graphic designs. Preferably, choose Apple Pages as they provide you a wide variety of design, user-friendly format, and customizable content.

3. Design your Graphics

You can incorporate many aspects into your graphics. You can add a line that can separate, connect, and draw your eye to specific content. There are two lines that you can incorporate with your graphics — horizontal and vertical borders. You can also add shapes to it. You can combine geometric, organic, or abstract shapes to it. It would give your graphics emotional effects. Adding color would also increase the appeal of your graphics. You can add warm, cool, or neutral colors depending on what type of graphics you would make. You can also incorporate texture with your graphics. The texture might be defined as the feeling when you touch something, but adding a texture would give a sense of imagination of how the graphics would feel.

4. Arrange your Content Orderly

Aside from design, your graphics need to have a context. Typography — The art of the technique of arranging words and symbols in content would be a great style to use as you can convey the message you wanted to tell. Typography umbrellas different aspects — font, tracking, leading, size, hierarchy, weight, style, and line length.

5. Make Use of the Apple Pages

Whether you are a designer or illustrator, Apple Pages is a go-to when it comes to making your graphics. Make use of the Apple Pages in designing your graphics and edit it in any device as you want as it is versatile and available to all. Afterward, you can now print your graphics and make use of it.

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