Insurance Plan Templates

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Accidents can happen anytime! But it pays to be sure with your investments. Plan the best insurance for your business, and capture your clients' expectations with these professionally written Insurance Plan Templates. We provide you various templates on life insurance, health and medical insurance, vehicle insurance, child and family insurance, student insurance, and employee insurance. Highly editable, easily downloadable, and 100% customizable in Google Docs, MS Word, and Apple Pages formats. These templates will guarantee to give you a high-quality output with your plans. So what are you waiting for? Insure your company and download now, for your safety is our top priority.

What Is an Insurance Plan?

An insurance plan is a detailed proposal to arrange a guaranteed compensation on specific damages, loss, illness, or death in exchange for scheduled payments. This is commonly provided by government agencies, insurance companies, or institutions the victim is affiliated to. 

How to Make an Insurance Plan

Almost all people acquire insurances to protect themselves from possible circumstances that may lead them to pay a huge sum of money. In accordance with the law, your company plan has to include insurance for your people. To help you, we provide you simple steps and guidelines to create an effective insurance plan. 

1. Determine Your Insurance 

There are different types of insurances existing. Some of these are health insurance, life insurance, child insurance, vehicle insurance, family insurance, student insurance, employee insurance, and even farmers' insurance. Determine the insurance that is most applicable to your business plan, and develop benefits for the people around you.

2. Identify Your Client/Employee's Needed Benefits  

Identify the needed and preferred benefits your clients and employees wish to acquire. You may conduct surveys to get these information. Commonly, healthcare and medical insurances are what most individuals prefer to acquire if you run a corporation. Specify the critical illnesses, damages, and losses that are covered by your insurance and specify the amount distributed to each section.

3. Collaborate with Insurance Brokers

Check your financial statements. Is it enough to cover for the insurances of your clients and employees? Try collaborating with some local insurance broker to aid you with your company's insurance benefits. If you don't like to pay the full cost of the insurance, you may state it in your plan to let your clients and employees pay a percentage of the cost. Around 20% to 30% of the expenses are already reasonable for them to contribute. 

4. Research for Other Options

If you do not wish to collaborate with any insurance companies, you may have to gather information on the HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) regulations. This may differ depending on the type of insurance your company wishes to acquire. Check your company policy and see any existing insurance policy you may use for your insurance plan.

5. Plan Your Benefits

Now that you have finished your research, it is time to draft your insurance plan. Write your objectives and purpose of making the plan, your analysis, the products and services to be offered for the insurance, its benefits, the period of its validity, and the qualifications and requirements before your clients and employees may avail them.

6. Set an Enrollment Period

Once everything is settled, set an enrollment period to process your clients' and employees' insurance. It is best if you start processing the documents as early as 6 months before the start of the year since plans are typically offered on a calendar-year basis. Announce the final decision of your plan outline when it will take effect. Assign a representative to disseminate and explain the said information to the group so that they may begin to avail of the said insurance.