What is a Research Flowchart?

A research flowchart is a graphic representation of a step by step guide that contains the workflow process that students, researchers, and employees follow when doing research.

How to Create a Research Flowchart

Research first came into existence during the 1920s. It was used for market studies. In today’s fast-paced environment, research has remained vital. It has become a survival mechanism for people in medical, advertising, and other degrees. And according to the analysis by PETA, 90% of failure in animal experiments is persistent. How could this be? Perhaps, research procedure has something to do with it. To avoid this kind of circumstance, we help you create a Research Flowchart with the list of tips below.

1. Determine the Objective

It’s important to know where the process is going. With that said, begin by understanding your goals. Create a list of your target objectives. You are either making it for a research proposal, university case study, or masters degree presentation. Remember, data collection is vital in coming up with a reliable step by step guide procedure.

2. Prepare a Workflow Diagram

Now, visualize the process with a diagram. To do this, you are provided with two options. First, you can choose to make yours in an empty document with your software of choice. Second, get everything done with a pre-made template. To help you out, customize our Ready-Made Research Flowchart Template. Choose a template that is close to your needs. In this way, you can retain some items instead of redoing them.

3. Transfer the Step by Step Guide

It’s not enough to finish the process with a diagram. But, you have to transfer all the details into it. In each shape, edit or incorporate the text. The flow must be consistent. Inputting the steps also need to follow the proper sequence. Make sure the label is not too long to confuse the users involved.

4. Finalize the Chart

Don’t print it right away. Make sure it’s fully finished with the right color scheme, text style, and text size. Test out your research design. If it’s doable and reliable, print sample charts. Now, continue with a coherent research procedure.

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