How to Drop/Leave a Class On Google Classroom

In case you need to drop or leave a class on Google Classroom for any particular reason, you can unenroll and inform the instructor about your decision. To be more specific, follow these steps to drop/leave a class on Google Classroom formally. leave-a-class-on-google-classroom-01

How to Drop/Leave a Class On Google Classroom

  • Step 1: Sign In With Your Google Account


    Students must log in using their authorized personal Google accounts or with the provided G Suite account owned by the school. If you do not have an account yet, you can create an account first. For those who cannot sign in using the G Suite account, make sure that you are verified by the administrator or given access by the school head or teacher.

  • Step 2: Click the More Option

    step-2-click-the-more-option-011To unenroll in a class, find the class card of the subject that you want to leave. On the class card, left-click on the three dots on it and choose Unenroll. If you find that the class was archived, you may ask your teacher to unarchive the class to allow you to leave.

  • Step 3: Ask Teacher’s Permission to Unenroll

    If you find yourself having a hard time leaving a class, your teacher or the Google Classroom administrator might have restricted the students to unenroll themselves. If that is the case, your only option is to ask permission from your teacher to let you unenroll in an instant.

What happens when I unenroll in a class?

When you unenroll or leave a class in Google Classroom, your grades are automatically removed from the class. However, your files will still be stored in Google Drive unless the teacher cleans them up for you.

Can I restrict students from leaving my class voluntarily?

Indeed, you can. With the restriction options from Google Classroom, you can now disallow students from leaving rooms voluntarily and without your knowledge. This is a great and beneficial feature of Google Classroom as it allows you to monitor your class efficiently.

My teacher has not unarchived the class despite our request. What would be our next step?

If you think that your teacher won’t be able to unarchive the class where you are about to unenroll for the next few days, your next step is to approach or send a message to the administrator. They may be able to help you with the issue as they have total access to the school account.