How to Write a Resignation Letter – Tutorial

Of course it is a no less achievement to land a new job in a new organization. However, if you’re already working in a company, the transition into your new job has to be a smooth one. It is professional etiquette to submit resignation prior to leaving an existing job for new employment. For a lot of outgoing employees, writing an apt resignation letter is difficult, but not anymore. Readymade and fully editable samples of resignation letters are easily gettable now!You can also see resignation letter.

Now you wouldn’t wish to announce your resignation to the world in the New York Times, like a former Goldman Sachs executive did in the year 2012 or by rudely declaring “I quit” to your boss. It takes a politely and perfectly written resignation letter sample to maintain good ties with a company even if you don’t want to continue with it. You never know when you might have to switch back to your previous job or get interested in a better job offer from them later.

Why is it Important to Write a Good Resignation Letter?

Resigning appropriately will help you to keep updated on any new upcoming projects or something that may be of interest to you. Here’s how to write the perfect resignation letter that should always be an important component of your exit plan.

Resignation letters, like all letters, should be typed keeping in mind whether they will have to be emailed or printed. But all resignation letters should be kept short and simple. Don’t narrate stories, rather be formal and stick to the point.

Constructing a Professional Resignation Letter

When you have received a job offer that you wish to pursue, do not take this opportunity to throw criticism at your employer. Being rude will not gain any advantage and when your resignation letter becomes a dark component of your permanent personnel file, you will have little chances to prove your credibility to future CEO’s of the company, in case you wish to rejoin.

On the other hand, utilize your resignation letter template word as an instrument to build long lasting work connections. Burning bridges not only hurts your career prospects, but decreases your chances of attaining good reputation in your business niche.

When writing a perfectly drafted resignation letter, make sure you follow these steps to leave a good last impression:

Clearly State that you are about to Resign

Clearly mention that you are about to leave and be as positive as you can about it while doing so. There should be no doubt or confusion about whether you intend to resign in the coming days or are actually doing it.

Clearly state that you are about to Resign

Give a valid Reason for your Resignation

Whatever the reason may be, don’t make it sound like an excuse for a job that you cannot do. Your reason must be logical and clearly stated. Maybe, your next job is providing you more opportunities for professional and personal growth or is relevant to your field of interest.

Elaborate your emotions and reasons in the most sensible manner possible. Do not mention any problems that you’ve had with your subordinates,peers or managers as this will make you appear as an immature employee. Choose your words wisely.

Give a valid reason for your Resignation

Mention the Last Working Day at the Company

This can be based on the notice period policy of your company. You can also ask to negotiate the notice period but only if you must as not completing your notice period can leave a bad impact on the company.

Mention the last working day at the company

Politely Thank the Company

Courteously thank your employer for giving you the opportunity to play your part in the company’s success. Briefly mention any noteworthy accomplishments that made room for personal and professional development.

Politely thank the Company

Sign your Resignation Letter

It is best to submit your resignation in written. Even if you have to fill a form or email your resignation, make sure you submit a hard copy of it with your own signature for future reference.

In several cases, it is apt to resign orally in person; and follow up with a nicely drafted resignation letter. Phone calls and emails should be avoided unless you’re working virtually for the company.

Sign your Resignation Letter

Morever, your resignation letter can also include these pointers:

  • Positive and memorable accomplishments of your work experiences that helped you to develop your professional career and benefited the company.
  • An offer to train somebody else to execute the tasks you were performing for the company.

Formal Resignation Letter with 2 Weeks Notice

Simple Resignation Letter

Professional Resignation Letter Sample DOC

Formal Resignation Letter 1 Month Notice

Professional Resignation Letter with Notice Period

Simple Resignation Letter for Personal Reasons

What should not be included in the Resignation Letter?

Make sure there is no work gossip or degrading remarks about your boss in the letter. Once you decide to part ways with your employer, don’t let any hard feelings come in the way. A resignation letter is not for letting your grudges known to the entire office so don’t let them reside in your employment file for future employees to view it.

Putting in your resignation a week or two in advance is a good step. This is important because your current employer would be willing to give you a good reference letter as a token of your honesty and dedication. The letter would work wonders for your image and reputation in your new workplace.

Use a Resignation Letter Template

For your convenience, there are hundreds of resignation letter templates available on the internet for writing a winning resignation letter. A multitude of websites provide samples of nicely written resignation letter formats.

However, make sure to use the right template and customize it according to your job and work experience. Don’t copy other people’s resignation letters as they may have resigned under different circumstances and because of diverse reasons.

Final Thoughts:

For all those who are resigning to start their own business, it is natural to have a desire to burn all your bridges so you can successfully get on with your dream business. Do not do it, ever!

We recommend you to keep connected to your former employers for promoting your services/products and expanding your circle. You never know when they become handy to get something done or can even become one of your biggest clients!

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