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Resignation Letter Writing Tips and Samples

Whether you are a seasoned employee who is adamant on retiring from your job or an employee who has medical problems which require you to quit your job, you need to submit to your employer or manager a well-crafted and succinct letter of resignation.

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Here is some basic information about the process of resignation which can aid you in smoothly going through the resignation process.

Resignation Letters

A resignation letter is a type of formal letter which an employee would submit to their manager or employer in order to inform them regarding the employee’s intent to leave their job position in the company.

The Basic Elements of a Resignation Letter

A resignation letter contains several parts depending on the reason for the resignation. Here are the basic parts of a resignation letter:

  • Formal greeting
  • Statement of the employee’s intent to resign
  • Indication of the time and date when the resignation takes effect
  • Statement informing the manager or employer of the reason for resignation
  • A thank-you resignation letter is appreciated to express gratitude toward the employer/manager for the opportunities for career growth
  • Statement assuring the company that the employee is willing to help the company find and/or train a replacement before he/she leaves the job position
  • Formal closing

The Possible Reasons for Resignation

There are a plethora of reasons for employees to resign. There are, however, some which are more common, and these are the following:

The Process of Resignation

The process of resigning from one’s job is surely not an easy task, both on the employer’s and the employee’s side. The employer, having already invested in the employee, will have to find a replacement for the employee (which entails more investing); and the employee will have to go through a long process of having their facilities access revoked, office accounts deleted, and a long string of documents that need to be signed, among other things.

Before having finally decided on leaving your post, here are some matters you need to keep in mind when you are resigning from your job:

Check the Rules and Regulations

Before drafting your resignation letter, you need to examine first the rules mandated by your company regarding the proper grounds and method for resignation. More often than not, employees are required to observe a notice period.

A notice period is the regular obligatory duration of time which the employee must notify his/her employer before the actual effectivity of his/her resignation. This notice period letter assures employers that their employees would not leave their job posts on the spot without anyone to fill in their positions. Usually, notice periods are two to three weeks long.

Check the State Laws

Employment contracts are governed by laws of a state, and it is not sufficient that you subscribe to the rules and policies of your company regarding the proper way of resigning. As a matter of fact, you need to ensure that you are following the proper procedure mandated by laws for employees to comply with should they decide to resign from their posts.

Failure to comply with State laws on resignation can often lead to negative legal consequences such as the payment of fines and damages.

Be Clear and Concise

Avoid exaggeration. When you are writing your resignation letter—even an email resignation letter—make sure that you only state the necessary information. Keep in mind that resignation letters are professional letter thus you must maintain a formal tone.

Always Proofread

Last but not least, don’t forget to check your resignation letter example before sending it to your manager or employer. It is a sign of disrespect and a lack of professionalism should you submit a resignation letter that is filled with grammatical errors and incorrect spelling.

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