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An escape away from he home kitchen and your modest mini bar is sometimes the answer for the usual boredom you feel, even when you have everything you need to cook a good meal or fix yourself a good dink. There is just something unique about going out with friends on a Saturday night, enjoying food and drinks to boot at your favorite restaurant or local bar. Hence, there is also a reason why you keep coming back to a certain beer pub or a bar which you and your husband or wife and friends enjoy. You may also see sample service contracts.

It could also be that you’re looking to have some responsibility taken off because you already have more than enough, in organizing an upcoming event or party. The menu has been set, the guest list updated, your new suit or dress ready, but what of the drinks? Geez, what of the drinks, when you know a lot of people will also be looking forward to that. After all, a party is given for a certain celebration and any type of celebration surely deserves a toast or two, (actually, make that three or more) yes? You may also see administrative services agreement templates.

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Contract of Employment for Bartender

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Bartending Services Contract Template

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Bartending Service Agreement

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All things considered, you feeding the guests require a variety of drinks on the menu and this is why you have the option of bartending services from those who offer it around the area. People have an ability to remember how the food and drinks were, and how they were taken care of, as guests at the venue or reception. The venue for example, can be all inclusive depending on the terms agreed when a contractor or a restaurant offers their bartenders to take care of the drinks to be served. Some will include meals on the package that you have paid for. Or it may not, if you prefer to have a separate company for the food and the drinks and not a whole catering service altogether.

Advantages of having bartenders at a party/event

Although their service is something that people can usually do without because there are catering services that includes it for a fee, a bartender may be needed for larger parties such as wedding ceremony, major celebrations, birthdays or any other special event that warrants a selection of overflowing drinks. Bartenders in general, work for themselves or independently but their services can be contracted through a company. Their job is serving drinks, setting up the bar, making, mixing and fixing drinks and to some extent, depending on your agreement, keep a party area in order by taking care of abandoned bottles and glasses.

1. It’s not a party without them and the drinks

The largest expense at any celebration is almost certainly the food and drinks on the menu. It can make or break what could be a memorable wedding day. And it determines part of the success of the event altogether. An occasion simply cannot be complete without guests filling the table and waiters or servicemen filling the glasses with drinks. The menu should be exquisite, the service, excellent. Look for the people who have the ability to work with the detail that something as big as a corporate party, wedding or any type of event with a fair amount of guests, demands.

2. They help keep the party in control

You would also have better control of the number of drinks being served to everybody, taking care and managing what they consume and making sure you will be able to accommodate everyone on your guest list. You would not want to end up at the party running short on food or drinks. That will be embarrassing on such a big day. So draft your plan well with them and discuss how many guests will be on your list as they would be basing their estimates on the number of guests they would be expected to serve. Go with a someone who is not only afraid to meet the needs that also unafraid to say no to you. Reality wise, everything is laid out on the table, and that attitude counts for much. It is better working with someone honest enough than someone who will give you a false sense of security. You may also see simple service contract templates.

Hiring a bartending service

1. Check Availability

First things first, check the availability of the bartending team you have in mind. See if sample schedule allows them on the date you require them to serve you. Then ask how to go about the payment process. The arrangement about the date is something that should be agreed on, and the security you get out of the payment it entails.

Otherwise, you may end up with a big problem. You can also discuss your desired drinks depending on what you think its the occasion, and negotiate what can and cannot be included. Before showing up, however, make sure you book an appointment. This will also give you a chance of trying out samples. Among bartenders, this is a must. The best of them always exercise their style of mixing drinks and making them, to potential clients. You may also see service contract samples.

2. Keep the Budget Realistic

Set a realistic budget. The ones you hire can wish with all their might that they can get you everything their skill can handle when it comes to choosing, mixing and fixing the best cocktails and other drinks worthy of luxury, but they have to stick to what your simple budget can afford and what their company allows them to, unless you’re hiring an independent contractor. Make sure that you discuss the costs well and clearly with them so that you can understand why not everything is possible.

Negotiate on the menu while taking note of your budget. There may be some drinks you need to give up for something more practical. After all, you want everyone enjoying the party, not ending up wasted and forgetting what happened at the event altogether, or worse, making fools of themselves in front of many people. While how they handle their alcohol intake is beyond your responsibility as a host, it doesn’t mean you can just watch and let them loose either. You may also see lawn service contract templates.

3. Ask For Estimates

When you ask for estimates or request for a service quote, you will notice that the rates will vary depending on the number of guests who will be at the party. Usually, independent bartenders want about 50-75 guests. Anything beyond will warrant the services of another bartender. It would be better to hire a team of three in this case, from a contracting company. On average, the fee will run at about $25-$50 per hour, because services like this, are charged at an hourly rate. You may also see food service contract templates for restaurants.

4. Be Honest and Know Your Options

It is important that you are aware of the total cost of the service and everything it includes. Be firm about knowing this straight up. Be honest about your budget because you do not want your bartender performing magic on what is not possible, no matter how skillful they are. Do not risk stretching your finances thin just because you want it to be perfect night overflowing with drinks on the house. You may also see legal contract templates.

Know that you will still be able to have a wonderful selection enough to get everybody on the mood for the event but not too drunk to get them driving home safely, with a package that is ideal for you. The company should be able to let you know what your options are. They can offer you something that will suit your needs while being realistic. Understand what is and what is not included as this can differ from one company to the next. You may also see yearly contract templates.

5. Check VAT and other extra charges

Look out for value-added taxes because you do not want to be hurt with this in the end by getting it overlooked. If something is not included in the service, ask them how they can manage that, and try to meet them halfway. Paying for extras like linen for the table is something unnecessary that you want to avoid. Above all, ensure that you get quality service because you need a team that you can work with. You will know initially when you make your first visit. The kind of reception they give you will be a telling sign about how well they can work and what their record, as to performance is. You may also see security contract templates.

6. Verify Certification

Make sure that you also check for certification since the bartender wouldn’t be just anyone but a certified professional who has had training and experience in making drinks and knowing what the limit is for people at parties and events. Only a professional will be able to take some liability off you when it comes to serving alcohol before it gets out of hand and one or a few guests will come spiraling in the middle of the road because of drunk driving. They would know how to deal with intoxicated guests and be more responsible n taking care of people’s alcohol consumption at the party. You may also see catering contract templates.

Evaluate the company you have in mind by setting up an appointment. Make your calls and remember to show up. Only the professionals will be able to make you understand strategic plans. Those who promise you the moon and say yes to everything you demand will mess the whole thing up and the service will be dismal because they cannot accommodate everything. They usually have packages fitted to different budgets.

Bartender Contract Service Template

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Bar Manager Service Contract

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Bar and Beverage Service Contract

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From catering to bartending and a whole lot of other services that involves food and drinks, getting the right people when planning an event or party is important for a lot of reasons. Quality bartending service can set the mood of an event and turn a party up one level higher, with everybody guaranteed to enjoy and remember it as one spectacular and memorable experience. You may also see advertising contract templates.

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