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Having a job is probably one of the most important things one should get as one gets to graduate college. Some jobs come before that and some even during that. In a sense, almost every human being in the world would go through labor one way or another and get paid by doing so. You may also see sample appointment request letters.

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Employees work 5 to 6 days a week for 8 to 9 hours to earn a living that would benefit him and his family. But there is such a thing called being overworked when one is already stress by the sheer load of paperwork and responsibilities one does. One can get out from these stressors either if they file a leave of absence or when their holiday request letter gets approved by the HR or admin office.

In this article, we will discuss what is a holiday request letter. Aside from that, there will be templates of holiday request letters and request for a leave letters because these two things are practically the same. We will additionally be providing and presenting to you the parts of a holiday request letter and how to write one. To finally end the article, we will be giving you tips on how to use your holiday to distress and recollect yourself. That includes things to do to make your holiday vacation worthwhile. So if ever there is an upcoming holiday and you want to take a leave but do not know what are the parts that should be included in the request letter, read on the following paragraphs and take note of the important parts.

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Application for Leave

Sample Application for Leave

The Holiday Request Letter

You might have asked somewhere between reading the paragraph above as to why would someone request a leave on a holiday when in fact that the word “holiday” connotes the idea that there should be no work. A holiday request letter is a letter that is asking the admin to approve your leave as for you to celebrate that particular holiday with the family and can also serve as your break from work. You may also see transfer request letters.

Holiday or Leave of Absence Request Letter

Request For Student Leave

Parts of a Holiday Request Letter

If you have now understood why some employees do not get to have their leave on a holiday then it is time to move forward on how one can be approved in having a vacation on a holiday to take a break from the pressure that work can emotionally, physically and mentally give on a day to day basis.  We will be inserting the ways on how you can approach and write your holiday or leave request letter in one part that is found every kind of business letters so do take note of that. Here are the following parts that have to be included in a holiday or a leave request letter or in any business letters alike:

1. Heading

The heading is found at the top most of the letter. It tells the returnee’s address and the date the letter was sent to the receiver. The contact number or e-mail address can also be stated here. You may also see vacation letter templates.

2. Inside Address

This refers to the address of whom you are sending the letter to.

3. The Greeting

Sometimes called the Salutation, you are basically starting your request letter or any other business letter with a simple greeting. Here are common greetings:

  1. Good Day!
  2. Greetings!
  3. Dear Mr/Mrs.
  4. Good Morning…
  5. Good Afternoon…
  6. Good Evening…

4. Body

In this section, this is where you write your intention for submitting the letter. To waste no time, state your purpose in the first paragraph already. Ask that you are formally requesting a vacation leave on a particular date and that you will resume work on a particular date as well. You state it early so that the supervisor, HR Manager, or whoever is responsible of approving of leaves in your company so that he or she does not need to read far and long just to get the point of the letter.

Make the simple letter also short so that the one in charge will not get bored or annoyed. Getting to the point is important especially in the professional world. In stating your reason, just make sure it is clear and specific. Refer to this example as a guide and to our other templates as well:

“Dear Mr. Lastname,

I am writing this letter to request for a leave in the working holiday this coming DATE.  I wish to have my leaves on the 17th of April 2019 to the 19th of the same month 2018.  I would be available to resume my duties on the 20th of April and onwards.

You can contact me through my cellular number or my email account which is I will be checking my email from time to time while I am taking the leave.”

5. The Complimentary Close

In this section, this is where you give your final word or simply a goodbye. These are some often used complimentary closes in every sample business letter there:

  1. Sincerely,
  2. Sincerely yours,
  3. Best Regards,

6. The Signature Line

To finally put your mark and show ownership in the letter, you affix your signature to your name.

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Leave Request Template with its Rules and Agreements

Distress and Recollect When the Moment Arrives

One of the simple joys in life one can ever experience is having time for yourself and getting to forget work for a while. To give you a concrete example, having your holiday request letter be approved increases your happy endorphins to the brain. The more you will feel relieved especially if you have been longing for a getaway or a short break from the things that are stressing you at work. You may also see sample donation request letters.

Once you start your holiday leave, take advantage of it early on. If you do not know any effective ways to make good of your holiday leave, do not worry because we have got you covered. We suggest that you better write the following because we are sure that these tips are effective and will come in handy whenever you get the chance to have a holiday leave, especially if it is for a longer period of time. You may also see salary transfer letter templates.

1. Wake up with ease

When you wake up in the morning, make sure get out of bed with a positive thought. This means that before you get out of your room, take a few minutes to breathe in and breath out. Basically, start your day with a calm and solitude mind. You may also see sample letter templates.

 2. Do your hobbies

Do the hobbies you used to do when work was not there to drag your time. Read a book or watch a movie at the house. If your hobby is taking pictures, then go out and make memories. Take pictures of beautiful things and edit them if that satisfies you. If you want to do those things the whole day because it calms you down and you are actually having fun at the same time, then do it. But that does not mean you have to do it alone. If you already have a family, introduce them to your hobbies and let them be a part of it they want too. You can also do it with friends who hare the same sentiments with the hobbies you do. You may also see letter format templates.

3. Travel

This tip works for those people who do not want to sleep all day and would not mind to go out for an adventure. They say that traveling makes you smarter. That statement is true because when we travel, we get to learn new things and understand different cultures and etc. which it constitutes to knowledge. Get a travel buddy or travel alone to places you were always curious about. You may also see simple letter templates.

4. Be with friends

Make a plan with your friends prior to your holiday leave on what you guys want to do when you guys will meet again. This is important so that you would have an itinerary on what to do and what to explore on the holiday. This works well especially for people who have not seen each other for quite some time. This also gives them the opportunity to catch up and talk about their happy and sad moments not only in their work life but also in their personal life as well. You may also see request letter templates.

5. Do lazy but effective activities

Two perfect examples are getting a massage and having a sauna. Let your body be pampered by professionals to physically and mentally release the stress hormones from your body. These two activities can give your body that. Your body and mind can only do so much that in time, they get tired and weary. Give something back to them for the hard work they have done. In a sense, reward yourself through relaxing. You may also see formal letter formats.

Those 6 activities are generally the things you can do to make your holiday leave more effective. Imagine that you work 5 to 6 times a week for 8 to 9 hours, don’t you think your body deserves the reward and rest it needs? Do that on holidays or ask for a leave. Remember to submit your holiday request letter a week before the intended date you want to have a leave. This will give the HR plenty of time to go over your letter amidst all things and responsibilities they are doing in the office. Again, make sure that your letter is free from errors and be direct to the point in terms of the approach and purpose of your letter so that it might easily be approved the HR once they get to read it. You may also see formal letter sample templates.

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