13+ Album Cover Templates – Free Sample, Example Format Download

A good album is judged based on a few things- the music tracks in the album, the artist who came up with the album and the presentation of the album. Even if you manage to get the first two right, a poorly designed cover could be a potential deal breaker. That is why album creators pay a lot of attention to how they design the cover, and often resort to CD cover templates for that. You can also see Youtube Cover Templates.

album cover template

Packaging is really important when you present something and hence a great catchy album cover plays a great role in pulling your audience to your artwork.A good album Cover Template sample will have an attractive background, either black and white or coloured, it will also have the name of the album and the artist in bold. That is sure to draw the attention of the audiences. All you have to do is look up good templates online!

DJ Album Cover Template Sample

dj album cover template sample

Tech Mixtape Album Cover Template Example

tech mixtape album cover template example

> Uses and Types of Album Covers

To start with, the album cover sample will add on a professional touch to your album. It will set a prelude to the content inside, enabling the viewer or audience to understand what to expect from your album. It will complete your album, in other words. Moreover, as the album cover templates offer you space to include your contact details, it acts as a great promotional medium for your music CD or DVD.

When it comes to types of album covers, there are a variety of covers, depending on the album. There are wedding album covers for your wedding photographs or wedding videos. Then, you have DVD album covers templates or samples for CD covers for any kind of DVD or CD. It could be a music album for a band or some instrumental presentation and so on. There are church CD cover templates for spiritual messages released by churches in CD or DVD albums. You can also see Facebook Cover Templates.

Minimal Alternative CD Album Template Example

minimal alternative cd album template example

Mix Tape Album Cover Template Example

mix tape album cover template example

Sample Light Streaks Album Cover Template

sample light streaks album cover template

Example Format CD Album Cover Template

example format cd album cover template

> Why to opt for Album Cover Templates

It takes a great deal of creativity and good know-how on graphic design to create a good album cover. In such a situation, the album cover PSD templates come up as a bliss with their readymade album artwork. Whether you want a cover for your wedding album or music album, there are premium album cover templates for all.

With these templates, you will have everything pre-structured so that you don’t have to waste time in designing the whole thing yourself, neither would you have to spend hundreds on hiring graphic designers. These templates can be customized easily with your specific details. You can also see Fax Cover Templates.

Big Dad Mixtape Sample Album Cover Template

big dad mixtape sample album cover template

80s Sample CD Album Artwork Template

0s sample cd album artwork template

Waves Vinyl Album Cover Template Example

waves vinyl album cover template example

> Tips with Album Covers

  • Use album cover template.
  • Your chosen template should align to the specific theme of your album.
  • Include the band name and album on the spine of the album cover.
  • You should include your contact details on the album cover.

Green Money Mixtape Hip Hop Template Sample

green money mixtape hip hop template sample

Hip Hop Album CD Cover Template Example Format

hip hop album cd cover template example format

Musician Sample Album Cover Template

musician sample album cover template

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