Modern Book Covers Templates

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How to Create a Modern Book Cover?

A book cover is a protective covering that binds and secures the pages of a book together. It is the first thing that customers or avid readers will see when they want to purchase or read a book. The primary purpose of a book cover is to protect and provide a window to interested readers on what the book is about. The book publishing industry is commercially competitive; that's why authors, publishers, and graphic designers come up with enticing and attractive book cover designs to generate sales and readership. 

Designing a creative book cover is not easy because the designer should know to convey the story through the graphic elements. The designer also needs to create something that will convince the booklovers to buy the book. At the turn of the 20th century, the growing book publishing production paved the way for publishers to reproduce more books with avant-garde and unique appearances. 

If you want to make a modern book cover design from scratch, kindly read through the items suggested below:

1. Think About Minimal Yet Creative Designs

Always think ahead. Conceptualizing a modern and editable book cover design means you have to source out on minimal yet creative design approaches. Think about creativity and profitability. Will your design grab the attention of everybody? No author or publisher wants their masterpieces to be left out on the shelves and get covered with dust. As a designer, you need to think creatively and do research to sell out multiple copies of the book. 

2. Communicate through Good Imagery

Think about graphic elements or features that will make your book cover a stand-out from the rest. Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury is a good example of a book with an outstanding design. A graphic artist made a unique design cover and it was set to have a striking paper and match to capture the very essence of the story. 

Connect the book cover to the story by using related imagery and designs. If you are making a children's book cover, use compositions that would appeal to their imagination and curiosity. 

3. Pick out the Best Graphic Elements

Books or e-books should be timeless beauties that preserve the beauty of literature. Moreover, they should be presented creatively by using the best graphic elements and designs. Give a new and modern look to the printable book cover by combining images, content, and color combinations. 

4. Write the Title and Author 

The front part of the book usually contains the title, author and publisher name, symbol, and tagline. While the back portion includes a teaser or hint of the story, author information, and promising reviews. Arrange the information correctly and legibly to hook readers into buying and reading all the pages of the fiction by the business book cover.

5. Bind the Cover to the Book

After completing the design project, review then finalize everything. See to it that the designs are well-arranged and follow the rule of visual hierarchy. Finally, bind the cover with all the pages of the book and start mass production.