Section 3 of the Indian Evidence Act of 1872 defines the word "Document" as any matter expressed or described upon any substance by means of letters, figures, or by any other means to be used for recording certain matters (e.g. business transactions, recruitment forms, proposal documents, etc.). It is further described as printed words or photographs, a plan, an inscription on any concrete substance, and a mere caricature. With that said, a legal document is important especially when conflicts will arise because they come to shed a light on the matter and reconcile the situation. If that's the case, then legal documents should be comprehensive and professionally written. Well, has all of that readily made. They're easily editable and 100% customizable in Apple Pages. Download now and create the most competitive Legal Templates today!

How To Make Legal Documents In Apple Pages?

Legal documents are essential in almost every activity we engage in to. Whether it's a written agreement, subcontractor agreement, subcontractor agreement, complaint, etc., there should always be a written word of all these transactions or activities. Otherwise, these will be considered as hearsay.

1. Determine The Type Of Activity

All business transactions like lease agreements or contractual agreements should always be recorded in written form. As mentioned, legal documents support such activities. When you or your business is sued in court, these legal documents will support your claims or arguments as well. Legal documents will support such activities as proposals, plans, transactions, etc. With that said, you must determine which of these legal activities will you use the document to support such.

2. Grant Someone The Power Of Attorney

According to the dictionary of legal terms, the power of attorney or letter of attorney means that you, as the principal or grantor, grants someone the power or the right to act on your behalf. For this instance, you will need to fill up the power of attorney form. This way, you will be given significant legal advice which will help you get out of any case you might be involved in. In which case, you'll be given more chances in winning against your opponent.

3. Look For Samples

When you create your make your legal documents, it might be quite challenging for you especially that you are also a busy professional. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you look for sample legal documents or templates for a contract, legal notice, etc., so that you will be guided and get you out of the misery of working from scratch. When you shop for templates, it's just like shopping for instant noodles; it saves you time, effort, and simply buys you the chance to produce more.

4. Look For Word Processing Software

Gone are the days when we manually write our letters, proposals, or any type of documents we could think of. Welcome to the digital era — where everything is made on your gadgets; by technology. Take advantage of available computer software such as MS Word, MS Excel, Google Sheets, Apple Pages, etc. Especially when you make a client sheet, then it's best to pull up the software which has built-in spreadsheets.

5. Pull Up Your Apple Pages

Now, it's time to open your Apple Pages to begin the work. You may simply click on the "new" tab or just use keyboard shortcuts "CTRL+N" to create a new file. Then, choose a template for the type of document you want to create and make sure to double click the template to open it. Next, determine whether your templates are designed for word-processing or for page layout. If you want to add shapes, figures, or any graphics to your document, you may do so by simply clicking the object button which is located in the toolbar section. Once you're done, don't forget to save. Don't let your work put into waste.

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