How to Write a Retirement Letter?

Retirement, that age wherein you just want to stop working and have some time with the hard-earned money you’ve saved whole life. Kids are done with school and you’ve reached that sweet age of 66. A time when all your benefits start to be in full effect. Now you’ve decided that this is your chance to submit your retirement letter, to get the long deserved rest and relaxation that you need. A retirement letter, in a sense, could be considered the last resignation letter you will ever make. To help you get started with it, here are a few tips:

  • When preparing your retirement letter, you have to check your company’s policies and benefits packages regarding retirement and resignation.
  • Make sure to notify your head, supervisor, or employer in advance. This gives management time to find a trainable replacement for your position.

  • Help your company by offering to train the person who is going to take your post.

  • Be gracious, retiring is just the same as resigning from your job. Take an A4 sheet and address the HR department or the recipient's name, frame the message of retirement and additional messages. Make sure to thank the management for the valuable time and experience you’ve gained from working there. Write some lines of appreciation and gratefulness towards the team, experience, and other achievements you gained while working. Remember to place the precise date you wish to retire. Make sure that you place your updated contact information within your letter. That way they can reach you and keep in touch.

  • Close with 'Thank You' and 'Regards'. Add your name and signature and the letter is ready to be sent.

A retirement letter is then accompanied by a formal resignation letter and an appreciation letter. All three formal letters will be needed to process your retirement. Get your messages across with ease using our ready-made, editable formats here at Simple, beautiful, and easy to use. Our templates are easily downloadable, printable, and can be emailed. That makes letter writing feel like a breeze. Our high-quality templates are designed for business as well as personal use which are designed to help you sell more, earn more, and just be generally creative with personal templates. Start downloading them now!

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