Police organizational charts or organogram, illustrate the roles, duties, and relationships within the police station. Also, it keeps the operation in a police station to run smoothly. Now, if you're here because you're looking for a ready-made template that you can use, then let our premium and high-quality Police Organizational Chart Templates help you. Each of our templates below is editable on any of your iOS devices with the help of Apple Pages. And because your convenience is our utmost priority, we also made it printable, plus you can download it anywhere and anytime you like. So, what are you waiting for? Make the best out of it by downloading our templates today.

How to Create a Police Organizational Chart in Apple Pages

Just like any other organization, a police department is also divided into various departments. In case you haven't known yet, law enforcement positions are more complex than you might know! According to Rasmussen College, there are ten groups of police officers that help fight crimes and these are the following: uniformed officers, detectives, state police or highway patrol officers, fish and game wardens, transit and railroad officers, sheriffs, special jurisdiction police, air marshals, border patrol agents, and last but not least, the crime scene investigator. Since there's a lot, having an organizational chart will help you illustrate the police department hierarchy. Not to worry, for we have listed four easy steps that will assist you as you produce one. Check this out!

1. List Down your Associates

Listing down your members is an effective way for you to be guided in the long run. That's why whenever you're creating a police organizational chart, always begin it by creating a complete list of your associates. And for you to create one, you must know their identity thoroughly as well as their hierarchical rank or position in the organization. For your convenience, you may start with the highest status in the police dept such as chief of police, then down to the lowest.

2. Utilize our Ready-made Templates

Organizational charts are indeed essential, especially when you're working in a hectic environment, such as police stations. But admit it, sometimes creating a chart is a waste of time, especially when you are piled with a lot of workloads that you need to finish. That's the reason why we decided to create high-quality and editable chart templates so you can save most of your time, plus you can concentrate more on your other work areas. There's no need for you to worry. All there's left for you to do is to insert the information which you have on your list, and your work is done.

3. Insert High-quality Images

Inserting images is not necessary—it is up to you decide whether to add or not. But if your goal is to make your organizational chart more appealing, then we recommend you to insert high-quality images of the respective police officers in your department. And if you opt to insert one, make sure that their photos are uniform with one another. The minimum size must be 1192 x 220, and the recommended pixels must be around 1536 x 768.

4. Print and Display the Chart

Once you have successfully completed the steps we already discussed above, it's time for you to print it on your local printing shop. If you're a meticulous person when it comes to printing, we recommend you to use large sheets of solid, flexible, water-resistant or waterproof material. When you're done printing, you may now display it to the most visible area of your police department. For example, you may place it in front of the chief's office, where everyone can freely see it.

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