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    How To Create A Weekly Report In Word?

    Regardless of the topic, weekly reports are necessary for ensuring just business management. Proper managerial decisions and actions for a project help your business grow in the industry. This document helps you track both the progress and lapses of your business flow in a week. Since this task requires expertise, you need to be aware of the vital points that this report has to include. 

    With that, we cited the necessary points on how to create a weekly report in Microsoft Word for you to reckon. Known as the easiest and the friendliest program used in documents, Word has easy to use editing tools for any reports. This software lets you create tables useful in tabularizing your data. There is a variety of reports, so it's essential that you should familiarize each kind. 

    1. Settle For A Focus

    It's either you'll do what they asked you to do, or create according to your obligation. If you're a production head and your company manager demands a weekly report from you about the production processes of products, then you focus on such a goal. On the other hand, if your target is about project management, then only present the requested information. When you set a focus on your report, you likely provide a clear presentation of data. 

    2. Provide Preliminary Information

    These are the necessary information that you need to include prior to the presentation of data. This part consists of the name of the company and the specific department, activity or project, name of the employee, and date of submission. Reports are sample documents that the company keeps for good, and with that, you should also keep each part away from mistakes. 

    3. Gather Factual Data

    The sales figures that you'll include in your weekly sales report should be accurate in number. If you're starting your small business, it's better to conduct a weekly reporting with your business team to know their further suggestions for improvement. Transparency is one of the business core values that both employers and employees should practice to improve business marketing. 

    4. Summarize The Findings

    One of the purposes of a weekly report is to come up with a concrete finding. For example, if you are a medical attendant who has a task which is to note the health status of a community, then you need to provide a summary of all your gathered information. The count (if it underwent a quantitative approach through a survey)should scale to the nearest approximation of the exact. 

    5. Spare Space For Signatures

    To make your weekly report valid, it should affix a signature from the manager and you for accountability purposes. Tracking is essential in managing a business's progress and lacks. These reports will help the management team come up with solutions to the problems and programs for enhancements to those in need of improvements. 

    To conclude, it takes awareness to a path to success, and with weekly reports, it'll be possible.