As a business organization, one of your goals when it comes to hiring manpower is to select the most qualified and talented candidates, especially for your sales department. That is why if you want to hire the most qualified salesperson, including a job description in your job advertisement is the ideal strategy to use. Creating a job description may seem like an additional task to you and may consume your time. Don’t worry since you will find various Sales Job Description Templates that you can use. These templates are 100% editable, professionally written, and available in all file formats. Download and subscribe now!

What Is a Sales Job Description?

The sales job description details the employee's main duties and responsibilities. Since these employees are the main contact between a business and its clients, their job descriptions should also emphasize their sales roles. As stated by HR Daily Advisor, the job description provides the employer with the right candidates for the vacant positions. Also, the job description plays a role in terms of business’ regulatory compliance, specifically with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

How to Write a Sales Job Description

The sales job description should be short but a concise document. To help you out in writing this document, we have prepared the following tips that you may apply.

1. Know Your Sales Goals

Before you come up with the qualifications of your salespeople, you need to know your sales goals first. For instance, if you plan to offer construction materials, your salespeople must have in-depth knowledge about the construction industry. From this point, you can now highlight your qualifications in the job description.

2. Create a Job Summary

Aside from the long list of duties and responsibilities, the job description should also have a brief overview of your company and the vacant position. In this way, you can tell a short story for applicants for them to fully grasp the requirements of the specific job.

3. List the Duties and Responsibilities

List down the duties and responsibilities either in bullet points or in numbers. Make sure to concisely describe each duties and responsibilities in your job description.

4. Emphasize the Qualifications and Skills

Since you have already set your sales goals, you can now emphasize the qualifications and skills in your document. Use bullet points in this section and avoid unnecessary sentences when writing the qualifications and skills.

5. Review Your Job Description

Now that you have completed your job description, read it again at least twice to ensure that there are no typographical errors or broken sentences that may result in confusion of the applicant.

6. Request for Approval

Before making your job descriptions as part of the documents in your recruitment process, make sure that you have the permission to do so. Request for approval from your immediate manager or senior management and have them review such documents.

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