Constructing a tower, house, or even a building is not a one-man show. There are numerous positions that need to be filled in order to develop a building. A career in this industry is physically and mentally challenging, therefore, hiring only qualified applicants for the position is essential. Here are our professionally crafted Construction Job Description templates that you can make use of. Convenient editing is guaranteed since these templates are customizable in Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, and Google Docs. Templates are available for printing in A4 and US letter sizes. Get these professionally-crafted templates as your position reference guide for free anytime, anywhere!

What is a Construction Job Description

A Construction Job Description is a document utilized by hiring managers during the recruitment process for various construction positions. This document contains details about a particular position which includes job responsibility, summary, duties, and qualifications. This document will be optimized for print and online posting for various construction positions.

How to Create a Construction Job Description

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are about 7.29 million people employed in the construction industry during 2018. Although jobs in this industry are in demand right now, it is important that a job description for the particular construction position. Here are five key steps to creating an effective job description that you can follow:

1. Research Position

Writing a job description always begins with what particular job position is the document for. Since this job description is particularly for construction positions, determine what job title you are in need of someone to fill in immediately. Your job description needs to focus on a particular job title. You can create a job description for a contractor, subcontractor, electrician, project director, project coordinator, or even carpentry job. Because different job titles entail different qualifications, duties, and responsibilities, research is a must. The list of job specification for the position needs to be appropriate for the title.

2. Input Information

Essential information such as education, experience, duties, responsibilities, skills, and qualifications needs to be present on the job description. The aforementioned details are what hopeful applicants would want to know of a particular position and determine whether they are qualified for the job. This document will also make it more convenient for the hiring manager since they can easily determine whether the applicant is fit or not for the job.

3. Review the Document

Keep in mind that the job description needs to reflect what the employee will be doing and what are your expectations from them. So, take another look at your document and check the content once more. It is requisite that your construction job description is accurate, parallel, and meets the company standards. Check if the job description utilizes a neat format for the readers to easily read. By reviewing your construction job description, errors and mistakes can be identified.

4. Approval of the Job Description

Arrange for immediate heads of the company to review the construction job description. Their approval is essential for the construction job description to be considered valid and meets the standard operating procedure. Concerns may be raised and revision may be needed before you get the approval of the immediate heads.

5. Post the Job Description

Once revisions and approvals are made, the construction job description can be posted onto the company website, job portals, and classified ads in newspapers. It is important that you keep the construction job description up to date. Make sure to make the appropriate changes when needed. Also, remove any job postings once the position is filled in or if the company is no longer accepting resumes from applicants.

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