Human Resources Job Description Templates

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A human resources department is a must for all big businesses and organizations. So, consider using our Human Resources Job Description Templates when recruiting for whichever related role that’s open. Each of our samples comes easily editable in Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and even Mac Pages. Go ahead and download today—draft professional job specifications for an HR admin, HR consultant, and more!

How to Write a Human Resources Job Description

An HR department is integral for many different things, such as payroll calculations and employee training. So, to make sure you find the right person for a specific position, a detailed job description is necessary (as explained by Indeed, a career-focused resource).

Are you wondering how to get started? No problem—we can help your writing through our tips found just below!

1. Create a Rough Summary about Your Human Resources Position

Whether you need a manager or an assistant for HR, it’s important to keep in mind every crucial aspect for the job. And so, before you even write down the job description itself, take down some simple notes about the position. Doing so will give you a reference to aid in creating the job description’s contents.

2. Getting Started with Your Human Resources Job Description

Once you start drafting the job description, you first need to set up margins on your page. With proper margins in place, the contents will look neat and organized once completed. For the margins’ length, go with 1 inch as it’s a universally accepted measurement for writing a text document.

After applying the margins, you also need to write down a fitting title. At the top of the page, create a title that states the specific position— like “HR Management Officer” or “HR Training Specialist.”

3. The Duties of Your Human Resources Position

One of the most essential parts of a job description is the position’s responsibilities. For this section, make a list that outlines each item in a bulleted or numbered format. Provide a brief explanation per entry.

Along with that list, write down a paragraph that talks about the work environment and how the specified role fits into the staff hierarchy. Keep this part short and concise.

4. Talk about the Rewarding Aspect of Your Human Resources Position

To encourage potential candidates into applying, include a list containing the various perks and compensation for your HR role. While writing each item, make the details sound enticing; however, remember not to over embellish or flat-out lie.

So, with our tips fresh in your mind, you’ll have no trouble drafting a job description of your HR jobs! Also, if you want unique content for your document, check out our Human Resources Job Description Templates!


  • What are some functions of a human resources department?

      A few examples are:

      1. Employee recruitment
      2. Work performance management
      3. Payroll distribution
  • What are some useful skills for HR?

      The following are several examples:

      1. Coaching
      2. Communication
      3. Time management
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  • Which file formats does have for human resources job descriptions?

      You can get these file formats:

      1. Apple Pages
      2. Google Docs
      3. Microsoft Word
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