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How to Write a Thank You Letter?

thank you letter template

A thank you letter, or also known as a letter of gratitude, is a Formal Document that is used by a person to express appreciation to another. From the word "Thank You", which is a very powerful combination of two words that signifies a specific acknowledgment that someone has done something kind to you and you wanted to appreciate that person for giving you the benefit. You need to let them know that you appreciated the effort they have given you. Sending a thank you letter to a person or an organization simply shows a great way to show your professional approach. A thank you letter may be personal; it can be hand-written and designed for a friend, an acquaintance, or a relative. It may also be used in a formal business setting such as Scholarships, Job Interviews, Sponsorship, appreciating the boss and Employee, and more.

Some psychological research indicates that expressing gratitude by writing a thank you letter has emotional benefits towards the recipient but this does not apply to all circumstances. Some people would find that thank you letters are no longer a thing and that they are very ancient in style. Even though letters are too traditional to the other people, at some point, there are still people who are willing to receive a thank you letter for Personal and Business reasons.

Formal letters have to be decent to let the recipient think that you are sincere enough with your gratitude in words. Other than being decent with words, you also have to make sure that your thank you letter is being established well. Here are the following steps for you to be guided.

1. Open with a Salutation

Begin your sample letter with a formal salutation. Naturally, address your recipient. In most situations, thank you letter salutations usually start with "Dear __," and it is by far the most appropriate. You can use such salutation for both personal and business letters. Formal thank you letters do not have to use sugarcoated salutations to impress. But if you are aiming for a personal thank you letter, you can use salutations like, "Dearest __," "Hi, __," "My friend," or "To my favorite _____,"

2. Address your Gratitude Genuinely

Address your gratitude genuinely and sincerely. As you open with your Response Letter's body, say “thank you” in the first sentence or two. Let the person know some points about why you are sending the letter. If you are intending to send a thank you letter through an email, include the phrase “Thank You” in the subject line.

3. Specify your Gratitude

Make sure to specify in the personal document what you are saying thank you for. Elaborate more in detail so the recipient would understand what exactly you appreciate and why. For example, you are saying thank you because you are given a job offer or post-interview, explain exactly what you found to be most helpful. If you are saying thank you for the boss, remind the recipient of a particular moment that makes you very grateful towards him or her.

4. Appreciate Them One Last Time

Never miss to always say "Thank You" to the recipient for the last time. You can restate your appreciation one last time just to simply summarize the body of the letter or you can write an Appreciation Invitation to meet and express your gratitude personally.

5. Closing Remarks

Use appropriate closing remarks. For personal thank you letters, you can use "Warm Regards", "Best Wishes", "Love", and more. For Sales Letters, you can use "Sincerely", "Gratefully Yours" or "Respectfully Yours".

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