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Do you need to apply for a scholarship and need to write an impressive letter that will get you considered? is here to help with our free printable scholarship letter templates. Choose from dozens of template examples that come with simple, yet formal and professional fillable original content that you can edit to your specific needs using our editor tool. Download from template samples for college students, including student request letters for financial assistance, scholarship application letter for the mayor, and letters of recommendation, request, or congratulations.

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Choose your scholarship letter template example in either generic, professional, or formal formats that you can edit online to your requirements. Make different kinds of letters related to your scholarship application that include a thank you letter for financial aid from a high school, college, or university; friendship endorsement, or a financial grant. All templates are free to download in both PDF and PNG file formats.


  • How do you get a scholarship?

      You get a scholarship by looking for one on a university's official website. You need to prepare for this by choosing the appropriate clothing to wear for the interview. Of course, you need to work hard on your credentials for a bigger chance of getting the scholarship you want. Sometimes, schools give a scholarship award to the most deserving students. 

  • Do students get recommendations for a scholarship?

      Yes. Students may request a recommendation letter from their teachers when applying for a scholarship.

  • How does a scholarship program work?

      When a student is in a scholarship program, the school provides for his living expenses and tuition fee. However, the student has to maintain a grade requirement so he won't lose the scholarship. Slacking is not an option. 

  • How long does a scholarship last?

      A scholarship initially lasts for a year. When a student does good in his studies, the school renews it as long as the student maintains good grades. It can last up to four years—the usual time that students finish a degree program. 

  • How does a scholarship program benefit a student?

      According to Chron, a scholarship program benefits the students in the following ways:

      1. Financial - The student avoids huge debts with the money needed to study in college. It also pays for your living expenses while you're studying. 
      2. Educational - Scholarships help students get the degree they want without any worry. 
      3. Career - Having a scholarship in college gives you a more significant advantage to get a higher salary as an employee. You'd be a great asset to the business or organization you'll eventually belong. 
      4. Personal - Some scholarship programs don't cover every cost of your education. That leaves you to work part-time jobs to pay the remaining tuition. Working part-time jobs allows you to learn things beyond the classroom walls.